Hannah Clark1

F, b. 2 September 1704, d. 3 November 1764
     Hannah Clark was born on 2 September 1704 in Boston, Massachusetts.1 She married secondly Dr. John Cabot, son of John Cabot and Anne Orne, on 5 June 1747 in Salem.1 Hannah Clark died on 3 November 1764 in Salem, Massachusetts, at the age of 60.1


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Henry Clark1

M, b. 1673, d. 1749
     Henry Clark was born in 1673.1 He married Elizabeth Greenleaf, daughter of Col. Stephen Greenleaf and Elizabeth Gerrish, on 7 November 1695 in Newbury, Massachusetts.2 Henry Clark died in 1749.1

Child of Henry Clark and Elizabeth Greenleaf


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Jane Clark1

F, b. circa 1791, d. 6 August 1850
     Jane Clark was born circa 1791.2 She married Matthias Sewall, son of Thomas Sewall and Sarah Weeks, on 15 November 1812 in Gilford, New Hampshire.3 Jane Clark died on 6 August 18502 and is buried in McCoy Cemetery, Belknap County, New Hampshire.2

Children of Jane Clark and Matthias Sewall


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Jeremiah Clark1

     Jeremiah Clark was the son of Daniel Clark and Lucy Moulton. The marriage intention of Jeremiah Clark and Elizabeth Hirst Chauncy, daughter of Charles Chauncy and Joanna Cutts Gerrish, was published on 20 October 1789 in Kittery, York County, Maine.2,3,4

Child of Jeremiah Clark and Elizabeth Hirst Chauncy


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Joane Clark1

     Joane Clark married Deacon Simon Stone.1


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Joanna Mullen Clark1

F, b. 1 July 1891, d. 19 May 1976
     Joanna Mullen Clark was born on 1 July 1891 in Bredkinridge County, Kentucky.2 She married Edward Houghton Sewall, son of Samuel Swanton Sewall and Marcia Houghton, on 2 June 1917 in Redlands, California.1,3 Joanna Mullen Clark died on 19 May 1976 in Redlands, California, at the age of 84.2

Joanna Clark Sewall: She cared about others
REFLECTIONS - Perhaps her best attribute was that she cared about others.

Joanna Clark Sewall died Wednesday and was buried in Hillside Memorial Park, forever a part of the community in which she was a pioneer 60 years ago. Her son, Sam Sewall, manager of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce, paused to recall the many things his mother had done during her 85 years on earth. The memories flooded quickly and like a montage of American life, one could envision her many kindnesses.
“During World War II she was an aircraft observer at the Civil Defense Station on Sunset Drive and headed the Redlands CSO project." Sewall said, recalling with fondness his mother’s community involvement. During the war Joanna Sewall cut out pictures of puppy dogs, shady brooks, blue skies and green forests, baseball games in action and pasted them into scrap hooks for servicemen all over the world. "She didn't just do one or two. she did a thousand of them" Sewall said. "And she received acknowledgement from guys all over the world."S he and her friends would sit at a table in the old Imperial Hardware Store, cutting pictures from magazines and carefully pasting them into books.
"I like to think she put love and concern and kindness into each of the thousand books, and that each serviceman who received one knew that someone loved him." Sewall said.
Mrs Sewall came to visit Redlands in 1912 It was during a visit with her cousin George Mullen and his wife Grace, that Joanna met Edward Houghton Sewall. While riding in a horse drawn buggy on Valentine's Day, Sewall pulled into Prospect Park and proposed to Joanna. In June of 1917 they were married in Trinity Episcopal Church and a reception was held at the fashionable Wissahickon Inn.
Sewall farmed some 40 acres of land in their first home at the top of Canjon Street and they moved to Garden Street in 1928. Sewall and a son, Edward Jr., died in 1946, but Mrs Sewall continued with her community work.
The summer dances sponsored by the Contemporary Club were furnished with hundreds of gallons of hand squeezed orange juice provided by Mrs Sewall. "She provided transportation to and from the Lighthouse for the Blind in San Bernardino for the Red Cross for 20 years," Sewall said.
“For her church work she was appointed as the church' s delegate to the International Episcopal Conference in Hawaii in 1955.”
"I remember her cutting and stitching over 10,000 padded pot holders for church bazaar sales for almost 25 years." Sewall said.
“She was born in a poor family, in fact, she was born in what had been slave quarters in an old plantation house and she had little formal education
"But she became a fine person who gave of herself to others. She was active in the Contemporary Club, the Republican women's Club and she was a charter member of the Assistance league here.” Sewall said.
Maybe few will notice that the hands that that once created packages from home for servicemen and pot holders for church bazaars, are now at rest, but Sewall is confidant that her enthusiasm for living will continue in others.4

Children of Joanna Mullen Clark and Edward Houghton Sewall


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John Clark1,2

M, b. 1651/52
     John Clark was born in 1651/52 in Boston ?3 He was the son of Christopher Clark and Rebecca (Unknown).3 John Clark married Mary Atwater.1,4


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Dr. John Clark1


Child of Dr. John Clark


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John George Melvyn Clark1

M, b. 29 September 1910, d. 12 February 1996
     John George Melvyn Clark was born on 29 September 1910.1 He married Eleanor Louise Temple, daughter of William Moore Temple and Violet Helen Maulson, on 12 June 1943.1 John George Melvyn Clark died on 12 February 1996 in Sunnybrook Health Centre, Toronto, at the age of 85 otherwise living at 143 Rochester Ave., Toronto, M2Y 1N9 until his death.1


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Jonas Clark1


Child of Jonas Clark


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Joseph L. Clark1

     Joseph L. Clark married Abby C. Drake.1

Child of Joseph L. Clark and Abby C. Drake


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Luella Frances Clark1

F, b. 8 November 1877, d. 2 June 1947
     Luella Frances Clark was born on 8 November 1877 in Methuen, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Edwin S. Clark and Helen M. Gilman.1 Luella Frances Clark married Samuel Farrington Sewall, son of Samuel Brown Sewall and Louisa Elizabeth Farrington, on 16 August 1898 in Methuen, Massachusetts, the marriage was conducted by Charles H. Oliphant, Minister of the Gospel.1 Luella Frances Clark appears on the census of 1940 at Burlington, Massachusetts, where she is listed as a widow. She has four lodgers.3 She died on 2 June 1947 in Burlington, Massachusetts, at the age of 69.4 She was buried on 4 June 1947 in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Burlington, Massachusetts.5

Children of Luella Frances Clark and Samuel Farrington Sewall


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Mabel Clark1

F, b. 30 August 1897, d. 13 December 1987
     Mabel Clark was born on 30 August 1897 in Nebraska.2,1 She married Colonel Robert Sewall DuBois, son of Hugh McKim DuBois and Mary Elizabeth Sewall.2 Mabel Clark died on 13 December 1987 at the age of 901 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.1

Child of Mabel Clark and Colonel Robert Sewall DuBois


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Margaret Clark1

     Margaret Clark was the daughter of Donald Clark of Braelechan.2 Margaret Clark married Basil Hamilton.1

Children of Margaret Clark and Basil Hamilton


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Mary Clark

F, b. 26 December 1714, d. 1797
     Mary Clark was born on 26 December 1714 in Newbury, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Henry Clark and Elizabeth Greenleaf.2,1 Mary Clark married Judge Jonathan Longfellow, son of Capt. Nathan Longfellow and Mary Green, in 1731.2 Mary Clark died in 1797.2

Child of Mary Clark and Judge Jonathan Longfellow


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Sarah Alice Clark1

F, b. circa 25 January 1870, d. 15 February 1901
     Sarah Alice Clark was born circa 25 January 1870 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Joseph L. Clark and Abby C. Drake.1 Sarah Alice Clark married Allan Chisolm Sewall, son of Dr. Jotham Sewall and Mary Abby Bailey, on 18 November 1897 in Lawrence, Massachusetts.1 Sarah Alice Clark died on 15 February 1901 in Lawrence, Massachusetts,3 and is buried in Bellvue Cemetery, Lawrence, Massachusetts.4

Children of Sarah Alice Clark and Allan Chisolm Sewall


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Susan Clark1

F, b. 1810, d. 1875
     Susan Clark was born in 1810 in Massachusetts.1,2 She married Elizur Wright III on 12 September 1829 in Groton, Massachusetts.3 Susan Clark died in 1875.1

Children of Susan Clark and Elizur Wright III


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Susan Maria Clark1

F, b. 2 March 1818
     Susan Maria Clark was born on 2 March 1818 in Adams Mansion, Adam Street, Quincy. She was the daughter of Lt. Charles Thomas Clark U.S.N. and Susanna Boylston Adams.1


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Thomas Clark1


Child of Thomas Clark


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Thomas Clark1

     Thomas Clark married Mary Bulkeley, daughter of Rev. Edward Bulkeley and Lucian (Unknown).

Child of Thomas Clark and Mary Bulkeley


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Virginia Clark1

     Virginia Clark married David Harvey Gilmer.1

Child of Virginia Clark and David Harvey Gilmer


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William Clark1

M, d. 1710
     William Clark married Mary Whittingham in 1683.1 William Clark died in 1710.1


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Rebecca Clarke ?1

F, b. circa 1659, d. 1718
     Rebecca Clarke ? was born circa 1659. She married James Taylor, son of Christopher Taylor and Mary Foxall, on 22 January 1679.2 Rebecca Clarke ? died in 1718. She was buried on 23 July 1718 in Boston, Massachusetts.2


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Anna Clarke1

F, b. 1761, d. 1788
     Anna Clarke was born in 1761. She was the daughter of John Clarke and Sarah Pickering.1 Anna Clarke married Francis Cabot, son of Joseph Cabot and Elizabeth Higginson, on 28 June 1780.1 Anna Clarke died in 1788.

Children of Anna Clarke and Francis Cabot


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Caroline Charlotte Clarke

F, b. between 1845 and 1851, d. 1909
     Caroline Charlotte Clarke was born between 1845 and 1851 in Barbados, West Indies. She married General Sir Charles Arbuthnot KCB on 27 October 1868. Caroline Charlotte Clarke died in 1909.

Child of Caroline Charlotte Clarke and General Sir Charles Arbuthnot KCB

Elizabeth "Betsey" Clarke1

F, b. 22 October 1786, d. 11 October 1862
     Elizabeth "Betsey" Clarke was born on 22 October 1786.1 She married David Gilmore Trott, son of Benjamin Trott and Mehitable Sewall, on 22 May 1803 in Woolwich, Maine.1 Elizabeth "Betsey" Clarke died on 11 October 1862 at the age of 75.1


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Eunice Clarke1

     Eunice Clarke married John Brackett, son of Joseph Brackett and Mary Weeks Nye.1,2

Child of Eunice Clarke and John Brackett


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George James Clarke1


Child of George James Clarke


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Harriet Clarke1

F, b. circa 1827
     Harriet Clarke was born circa 1827 in New York.2 She married Prof. Lorenzo Dow McCabe, son of Robert McCabe and Polly McCracken, in 1857 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.1

Children of Harriet Clarke and Prof. Lorenzo Dow McCabe


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Commissary-General Isaac Winslow Clarke1,2

     Commissary-General Isaac Winslow Clarke. Uncle of Lord Lyndhurst.2 He married Anne Powell, daughter of John Powell and Jane Grant.1

Children of Commissary-General Isaac Winslow Clarke and Anne Powell


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