August B. Koopman1

M, #1648
     August B. Koopman married Louisa Lovett Osgood, daughter of Rev. Joseph Osgood and Ellen Devereux Sewall, on 6 May 1897 in Paris, France.

Children of August B. Koopman and Louisa Lovett Osgood


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Bernard Osgood Koopman1

M, #1650, b. 1900
     Bernard Osgood Koopman was born in 1900.1 He was the son of August B. Koopman and Louisa Lovett Osgood.1 Bernard Osgood Koopman married first Louise Harvey in 1936.1 Bernard Osgood Koopman married secondly Jane Bridgeman in 1948.1


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Ellen Devereux Koopman1

F, #1649, b. 1898
     Ellen Devereux Koopman was born in 1898.1 She was the daughter of August B. Koopman and Louisa Lovett Osgood.1 Ellen Devereux Koopman married Thomas Raysor in 1925.1


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Mary Kopucin

F, #25054
     Mary Kopucin married Frank Huszar Kiss.

Child of Mary Kopucin and Frank Huszar Kiss

Anna Kotarba

F, #26603
     Anna Kotarba married Joseph Kulick.

Child of Anna Kotarba and Joseph Kulick

Helen L. Kountze1

F, #27190, b. 14 August 1881, d. 5 February 1904
     Helen L. Kountze was born on 14 August 1881 in Ohio.2 She married Robert Linlithgow Livingston, son of Robert Linlithgow Livingston and Mary McRa, on 20 December 1902 in New York, Manhattan County, New York.3 Helen L. Kountze died on 5 February 1904 in Manhattan, New York County, New York, at the age of 22.4 She was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, Bronx County, New York.5


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Adolp Eugene Erich Kraemer1

M, #2207, b. 14 December 1901
     Adolp Eugene Erich Kraemer was born on 14 December 1901.1 He was the son of Ludwig Christian Adolph Kraemer MD, PhD and Mary Webster.1


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Hilda Kraemer1

F, #2206, b. 19 October 1899
     Hilda Kraemer was born on 19 October 1899.1 She was the daughter of Ludwig Christian Adolph Kraemer MD, PhD and Mary Webster.1


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Ludwig Christian Adolph Kraemer MD, PhD1

M, #2205, b. 20 June 1864
     Ludwig Christian Adolph Kraemer MD, PhD was born on 20 June 1864 in Germany.1 He married Mary Webster, daughter of John Ordway Webster and Anna Maria Bartlett.1 Ludwig Christian Adolph Kraemer MD, PhD was educated Universities of Basle and Zunar.1

Children of Ludwig Christian Adolph Kraemer MD, PhD and Mary Webster


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Anna Louise Kramer1

F, #24323, b. 3 August 1888, d. August 1966
     Anna Louise Kramer was born on 3 August 1888 in Dedham, Massachusetts.1,2 She was the daughter of Otto Kramer. Anna Louise Kramer married Sewall Emerson Swallow, son of Dr. Edward Emerson Swallow and Mary Louise Sewall, on 4 November 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts.1 Anna Louise Kramer died in August 1966 in New Jersey.2

Child of Anna Louise Kramer and Sewall Emerson Swallow


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Otto Kramer

M, #24324

Child of Otto Kramer

Anna Amelia Krassin

F, #18877, b. 5 October 1881, d. 14 July 1944
     Anna Amelia Krassin was born on 5 October 1881 in Minnesota.1 She married, probably as her second husband William Dudley King, son of Frederick King and Susan Bates, circa 1916.2 Anna Amelia Krassin died on 14 July 1944 in Los Angeles at the age of 62.1


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Ellen Frances Krebs1

F, #10918, d. 1904
     Ellen Frances Krebs married William Royal Tyler.1 Ellen Frances Krebs married secondly Josiah B. Quincy, son of Josiah Quincy 3rd and Helen Frances Huntington, on 17 February 1900 at London.1 Ellen Frances Krebs died in 1904.1

Child of Ellen Frances Krebs and Josiah B. Quincy


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Elsie Kuest

F, #25035
     Elsie Kuest married Henry Uhrich.

Child of Elsie Kuest and Henry Uhrich

Charles Kuhn1

M, #8989, b. 2 November 1821, d. 28 October 1899
     Charles Kuhn was born on 2 November 1821 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.2 He married Louisa Catherine Adams, daughter of Charles Francis Adams and Abigail Brown Brooks, on 13 April 1854 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, no issue.3 Charles Kuhn died on 28 October 1899 in Nice, France, at the age of 77.2


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Mary Adeline Kuhn1

F, #23283, b. 22 April 1850, d. 22 April 1886
     Mary Adeline Kuhn was born on 22 April 1850.1 She married Noah Amos Sewall, son of Clement Sewall and Sarah Myers.1 Mary Adeline Kuhn died on 22 April 1886 at the age of 361 and is buried in Unity Cemetery, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.1,2

Children of Mary Adeline Kuhn and Noah Amos Sewall


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Joseph Kulick

M, #26602
     Joseph Kulick married Anna Kotarba.

Child of Joseph Kulick and Anna Kotarba

Kunegunda Magdalene Kulick1

F, #23372, b. 26 June 1901, d. 28 June 1965
     Kunegunda Magdalene Kulick was born on 26 June 1901 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Kulick and Anna Kotarba. Kunegunda Magdalene Kulick married Ralph Benford Sewall, son of Leon Benford Sewall and Gertrude Sophie Gulbranson, on 8 February 1927 in Hennepin County, Minnesota.2 Kunegunda Magdalene Kulick died on 28 June 1965 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, at the age of 643 and is buried in Grandview Park Cemetery, Hopkins, Hennepin County, Minnesota.4

Children of Kunegunda Magdalene Kulick and Ralph Benford Sewall


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Margaret Kynaston1

F, #21088
     Margaret Kynaston was the daughter of Richard Kynaston of Hordley.1 Margaret Kynaston married Sir Richard Hanmer of Hanmer, son of Griffith Hanmer and Elin Dutton.1

Child of Margaret Kynaston and Sir Richard Hanmer of Hanmer


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Richard Kynaston of Hordley1

M, #21089

Child of Richard Kynaston of Hordley


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Cathryn Jane La Pointe1

F, #26193, b. 1 July 1906, d. 7 May 1995
     Cathryn Jane La Pointe was born on 1 July 1906 in Cable, Bayfield County, Wisconsin.1,2 She married Warren McKinney Center, son of Harrison L. Center and Clara Ehnstedt, on 22 May 1926 in Missoula, Missoula County, Montana.1 Cathryn Jane La Pointe died on 7 May 1995 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, Washington, at the age of 88.2

Child of Cathryn Jane La Pointe and Warren McKinney Center


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Anne de La Queville

F, #11789
     Anne de La Queville married John Stewart, Lord d'Aubigny, son of John Stewart, Earl of Lennox and Elizabeth Stewart.

Child of Anne de La Queville and John Stewart, Lord d'Aubigny

Gladys Edith A. Labdon1

F, #24086, b. 30 December 1903, d. April 1994
     Gladys Edith A. Labdon was born on 30 December 1903 in Boston, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Oswald W. Labdon and Florence J. Arnold. Gladys Edith A. Labdon married Samuel Donnell Sewall, son of Stephen A. Sewall and Nathalia (Nettie) M. Flint, on 28 July 1923 in Emmanuel Church, West Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.2 Gladys Edith A. Labdon died in April 1994 in Maine at the age of 903 and is buried in Prospect Harbor Cemetery, Prospect Harbor, Maine.4

Children of Gladys Edith A. Labdon and Samuel Donnell Sewall


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Oswald W. Labdon

M, #24454
     Oswald W. Labdon married Florence J. Arnold.

Child of Oswald W. Labdon and Florence J. Arnold

Charles Labros1

M, #17184
     Charles Labros married Sarah Lawrence after 1679.1


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Anastasie Labuety1

F, #1843, b. January 1852, d. 1924
     Anastasie Labuety married Henry Mathieu, son of Angelina Mishahun.2 Anastasie Labuety was born in January 1852 in Canada.3 She died in 1924.2

Child of Anastasie Labuety and Henry Mathieu


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John D. Lacey1

M, #23286, b. 25 April 1872, d. 3 June 1947
     John D. Lacey was born on 25 April 1872.2 He married Mary Rebecca Sewall, daughter of Oliver Henry Sewall and Elizabeth Jane Miller.1 John D. Lacey died on 3 June 1947 in Ohio at the age of 75.2


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John Lackland, King John of England1

M, #9478, b. 24 December 1166, d. 18 October 1216
John Lackland, King John of England
     John Lackland, King John of England was born on 24 December 1166 in Beaumont Palace, Oxford, he was designated King of Ireland in 1177 and and created Count of Mortain in 1189. He was styled Earl of Gloucester in right of his first wife from 29 August, 1189. He succeeded his brother Richard I as King of England and Duke of Normandy on 27 May, 1199, being crowned on that day in Westminster Abbey.2 He was the son of King Henry II, called Curtmantle, King of England and Eleanor of Aquitane. John Lackland, King John of England married as his second wife Isabella Taillefer, daughter of Aymer Taillefer, Count of Angoulême and Alice de Courteney, on 24 August 1200 at Bordeaux Cathedral, Gascony.2 John Lackland, King John of England died on 18 October 1216 in Newark Castle, Nottingham, at the age of 49.1

Child of John Lackland, King John of England and Isabella Taillefer


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Agnes de Lacy

F, #11813
     Agnes de Lacy married William fitz Alan, Lord of Oswestry, son of William fitz Alan and Isabel de Say Baroness of Clun, circa 1175.1


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Gilbert de Lacy1

M, #18194
     Gilbert de Lacy was the son of Walter de Lacy, Lord Palatine of Meath.1 Of Ewyas Lacy, Herefordshire.2 Gilbert de Lacy married Isabel Le Bigod, daughter of Hugh Le Bigod Earl of Norfolk.2

Child of Gilbert de Lacy and Isabel Le Bigod


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