Florence Dagmar Ogilvy1

F, #8252
     Florence Dagmar Ogilvy was the daughter of Ellen Grasett Powell.1


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John Herbert Cecil Ogilvy1

M, #8250
     John Herbert Cecil Ogilvy was the son of Ellen Grasett Powell.1 John Herbert Cecil Ogilvy. Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Artillery.2


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Lawrence Murray Ogilvy1

M, #8249
     Lawrence Murray Ogilvy was the son of Ellen Grasett Powell.1


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Grover Oglesby

M, #24600

Child of Grover Oglesby

Willie Mae Oglesby1

F, #24596, b. 26 May 1923, d. 23 January 2009
     Willie Mae Oglesby was born on 26 May 1923 in Jenkins County, Georgia.1 She was the daughter of Grover Oglesby. Willie Mae Oglesby married Nathaniel Woodson Sewall, son of Harold Cyrus Sewall and Grace A. Stanley, on 2 May 1953
Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Oglesby of Augusta, formerly of Statesboro, announce the marriage of their daughter, Mae to Mr. Nathaniel Woodson Sewall of North Augusta. S.C. The double ring ceremony took place at 8 o'clock in the afternoon May 2 at the home of the Rev. George Lovell, pastor of the First Baptist church of Statesboro.
Serving as best man was Mr. James W. Rushing. Mrs. Rushing was her sister's matron of honor.
The bride was lovely in a navy linen suit with which she wore white accessories and a corsage of white carnations.
Mrs. Sewall is now employed by the Richmond County Water and Sewerage. Mr. Sewall received a B.S. degree in electrical Engineering from the University of Miami and during World War II served as an officer in the Navy Air Corps. At present he is with Industrial Business Machines.
Following a wedding trip to an unannounced destination, the couple will reside in Augusta.2
Willie Mae Oglesby died on 23 January 2009 in Richmond County, Georgia, at the age of 85.1 She was buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia.3

Mae Oglesby Sewall, 85, wife of the late Nathaniel Woodsum Sewall, departed this life and went to be with her precious Jesus on January 23, 2009.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 AM on Monday January 26, 2009 at Curtis Baptist Church with Rev. Sherrell Dunn and Rev. Wayne Jackson officiating. Burial will follow at Hillcrest Memorial Park.

Mae was born to Grover and Daisy Oglesby on May 26, 1923, and grew up in Jenkins County, Georgia. When she was in her early 20's, she moved to Statesboro to work as manager of the united Five and Dime Store. In her later 20's, she went to work at Savannah River Site, where she met her future husband. They were married May 22, 1953.

Mae loved and was a member of Curtis Baptist Church for 53 years. She served in many areas of leadership that included teaching 11th grade Sunday school, which was her passion. She also served as chairwomen for the Bereavement Committee for several years. Mae was also a member of Women's Missionary Union. She was a true prayer warrior and sought to encourage those around her.

Mae was a perfect picture of the Proverbs 31 women, with her children "rising up and calling her blessed". She instilled in her children a love for the Lord, and because of her testimony her children came to know the Lord as their Savior. Mae always sought to help them grow in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

She will be loved and missed by her family, including her three children; Terri Lynn Sewall, Charles Gregory Sewall (Deborah), Pamela Kay Hunt (Terry), two sisters; Rean Oglesby Rushing (James), Lucille Oglesby Cole, five grandchildren; Nicholle Bracken, Lee Hunt, Megan Sewall, Jenna Sewall, Kellie Sewall, six great grandchildren; Taylor Bracken, Michael Bracken, Bethany Bracken, Hunter Bracken, Garrett Hunt, Jordan Hunt, and several cherished nieces and nephews. In addition to her husband, Mae was preceded in death by her parents, the late Grover and Daisy Oglesby.4


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Michael Chapman Olbrich1

M, #2682, b. 1 November 1947, d. 11 December 2012
     Michael Chapman Olbrich was born on 1 November 1947.2 He was the son of Michael Emil Olbrich and Frances Gaylord Chapman.1 Michael Chapman Olbrich died on 11 December 2012 in Illinois at the age of 65.2


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Michael Emil Olbrich

M, #2680, b. 19 April 1920, d. 26 October 2005
     Michael Emil Olbrich was born on 19 April 1920 in Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin.1 He married Frances Gaylord Chapman, daughter of Frederick Leslie Chapman and Florence Smith, in 1941.2 Michael Emil Olbrich died on 26 October 2005 in Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois, at the age of 85.1

Children of Michael Emil Olbrich and Frances Gaylord Chapman


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Patricia Lee Olbrich1

F, #2681, b. 26 May 1942, d. 14 October 1999
     Patricia Lee Olbrich was born on 26 May 1942.2 She was the daughter of Michael Emil Olbrich and Frances Gaylord Chapman.1 Patricia Lee Olbrich died on 14 October 1999 at the age of 57.2


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Helen Olcott1

F, #16463
     Helen Olcott married Rufus Choate, son of Capt. David Choate and Miriam Foster, on 29 March 1825.1


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Timothy Olcott1

M, #7365
     Timothy Olcott. Of Chester, Vermont.1 He married Elizabeth Chandler, daughter of Judge Thomas Chandler and Elizabeth Eliot, on 11 February 1766.1


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Count Dietrich Oldenburg1

M, #13323, d. 1444
     Count Dietrich Oldenburg married Hedwig Schleswig and Holstein. Count Dietrich Oldenburg died in 1444.1

Child of Count Dietrich Oldenburg and Hedwig Schleswig and Holstein


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Vera Elizabeth Oles1

F, #24774, b. circa 1907
     Vera Elizabeth Oles was born circa 1907 in Pennsylvania.2 She married Samuel Smith Sewall, son of Milton Ellsworth Sewall and Emma Louise Anderson, on 11 June 1939 in New Castle, Pennsylvania.1


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Dr. Stephen Olin1

M, #6997, b. 2 March 1797, d. 16 August 1851
     Dr. Stephen Olin was born on 2 March 1797 in Leicester, Vermont. He was a methodist clergyman and educator; president of Wesleyan University in 1842, and the author of Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petræa, and the Holy Land; Greece and the Golden Horn; College Life, Its theory and Practice; and Youthful Piety. He married Julia Matilda Lynch, daughter of Judge James Lynch and Janetje Maria Tillotson, on 18 October 1843.1 Dr. Stephen Olin died on 16 August 1851 in Middleton, Connecticut, at the age of 54.


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Hon. Andrew Oliver1

M, #9987, b. 1731, d. 1799
     Hon. Andrew Oliver. Judge, Court of Common Pleas.2 He was born in 1731.3 He was the son of Lt. Gov. Andrew Oliver and Mary Fitch.1,3 Hon. Andrew Oliver graduated in 1749 from Harvard.1 He married Mary Lynde, daughter of Hon. Benjamin Lynde, on 28 May 1752.2 Hon. Andrew Oliver died in 1799.3

Child of Hon. Andrew Oliver and Mary Lynde


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Lt. Gov. Andrew Oliver1

M, #9988, b. 28 March 1706, d. 3 March 1774
     Lt. Gov. Andrew Oliver. A Loyalist. He was born on 28 March 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts.2 He was the son of Daniel Oliver and Elizabeth Belcher.2 Lt. Gov. Andrew Oliver graduated in 1724 from Harvard.3 He married firstly Mary Fitch, daughter of Hon. Thomas Fitch, on 20 June 1728.3 He was Secretary, Stamp-Distributor, and Lieut-Governor of Massachusetts. In 1765, soon after receiving the appointment of Stamp-officer, the building which he had fitted for the transaction of business was demolished by a mob, and he was compelled to resign. He was then allowed to enjoy his post of Secretary without molestation for several months. But before the close of the year, a report that he was seeking to be restored to his place of Stamp-officer, obtained circulation, and he was required to make a public statement upon the subject. He complied with the demand, and published a declaration, that he would not act under his commission; but this was deemed unsatisfactory, and he was desired to appear under the Liberty Tree, and there resign the office in form, and in the presence of the people. With this demand he also complied, and at the proper time, and while two thousand persons surrounded him, he made oath to the following declaration: " That he had never taken any measures, in consequence of his deputation, to act in his office as distributor of stamps, and that he never would, directly or indirectly, by himself, or any under him, make use of his deputation, or take any measures for enforcing the Stamp Act in America." The multitude gave three cheers, and allowed him to depart. But so determined a course on the part of the Whigs gave him great pain, and caused intense suffering both to himself and his family. In 1770, Mr. Oliver was appointed Lieutenant-Governor.
In 1773, several letters which he had written to persons in England were obtained by Franklin, and sent to Massachusetts. These letters caused much excitement, and became the subject of discussion throughout the Colony. The Whigs of the House of Representatives agreed upon a report, that the manifest tendency and design of these and other similar communications of Hutchinson, Paxton, Moffat, Auchmuty, Rogers, and Rome, was to overthrow the Constitution, and introduce arbitrary power. In addition to the assaults at home, Junius Americanus, a writer in the public papers in England, charged him with the grave crime of perjury. Mr. Oliver was now advanced in life. He had always been subject to disorders of a bilious nature; and unable to endure the disquiet and misery caused by his position in affairs at so troubled a period, soon sunk under the burden and died after a short illness. In private life he was a most estimable man; but his public career, though earnestly defended by his brother in-law, Governor Hutchinson, is open to censure. No man in Massachusetts was more unpopular; and Hutchinson remarks, that the violence of party spirit was evinced even at his funeral; that some members of the House of Representatives were offended because the officers of the army and navy had precedence in the procession, and retired in a body; and that "marks of disrespect were also shown by the populace to the remains of a man, whose memory, if he had died before this violent spirit was raised, would have been revered by all orders and degrees of men in the Province."4 Lt. Gov. Andrew Oliver died on 3 March 1774 in Boston at the age of 67.3

Child of Lt. Gov. Andrew Oliver and Mary Fitch


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Professor Andrew Oliver1

M, #1611, b. 1824, d. 1897
     Professor Andrew Oliver was born in 1824.2 He was the son of Professor Daniel Oliver and Mary Robertson Pulling.1 Professor Andrew Oliver graduated in 1842 from Harvard.2 Between 1864 and 1873 he was Professor of Greek and Hebrew. St. Stephen's College, New York.2 He died in 1897.2


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Barbara Oliver1

F, #21929, b. 1780, d. 6 February 1867
     Barbara Oliver was born in 1780.1 She married John Murdie, son of David Murdie and Susannah Thorburn.1 Barbara Oliver died on 6 February 1867.1


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Benjamin Lynde Oliver1

M, #11210, b. 1788, d. 1843
     Benjamin Lynde Oliver. A lawyer and a chess enthusiast.1 He was born in 1788.1 He was the son of Rev. Thomas Fitch Oliver.1 Benjamin Lynde Oliver died in 1843.1


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Caroline Oliver1

F, #25015, b. 3 November 1857, d. 27 April 1930
     Caroline Oliver was born on 3 November 1857 in Maryland.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Vinton Oliver and Caroline Sewall.1 Caroline Oliver died on 27 April 1930 in Manhatten, New York, at the age of 72.1


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Daniel Oliver

M, #7847, b. 28 February 1664, d. 23 July 1732
     Daniel Oliver was born on 28 February 1664.1 He was the son of Peter Oliver and Sarah Newdigate. Daniel Oliver married Elizabeth Belcher, daughter of Andrew Belcher, in April 1696.2 Daniel Oliver died on 23 July 1732 at the age of 68.2

Children of Daniel Oliver and Elizabeth Belcher


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Professor Daniel Oliver1

M, #938, b. 9 September 1787, d. 1 May 1842
     Professor Daniel Oliver. Professor of Physiology Dartmouth College and the Medical College of Ohio.2 He was born on 9 September 1787.2 He was the son of Rev. Thomas Fitch Oliver and Sarah Pynchon.1 Professor Daniel Oliver graduated in 1806 from Harvard.3 He married Mary Robertson Pulling. Professor Daniel Oliver died on 1 May 1842 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the age of 54 "of a peculiar and painful malady."3

Children of Professor Daniel Oliver and Mary Robertson Pulling

Child of Professor Daniel Oliver


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Dr. Fitch Edward Oliver1

M, #1610, b. 25 November 1819, d. 1892
     Dr. Fitch Edward Oliver was born on 25 November 1819 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was the son of Professor Daniel Oliver and Mary Robertson Pulling.1 Physician, journalist and author. In 1860 he assumed the editorship of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal in Massachusetts. He was one of the translators of Chomel's Treatise on General Pathology, and published the Lynde Diaries. Dr. Fitch Edward Oliver died in 1892.2


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Francis Robert (Frank) Oliver1

M, #2357, b. 29 December 1909, d. 6 July 1986
     Francis Robert (Frank) Oliver was born on 29 December 1909 in Ontario.1 He married Nancy Crawford Atkinson, daughter of William Frédérich Vannovous Atkinson and Constance Isabel Temple, on 12 August 1942 in St. Simon's Church, Toronto, Ontario.1 Francis Robert (Frank) Oliver died on 6 July 1986 in Ontario at the age of 76.1


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Georgia Oliver1

F, #21699, b. January 1876
     Georgia Oliver was born in January 1876 in Texas.2 She married James Lloyd Sewall, son of Edward Wailes Sewall and Mariah Susan Chapman, on 18 December 1892 in Morris County, Texas.1

Child of Georgia Oliver and James Lloyd Sewall


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Griselda or Grizzell Oliver1

F, #17266, d. February 1761
     Griselda or Grizzell Oliver married Samuel Waldo Jr., son of General Samuel Waldo and Lucy Wainwright, in August 1760.1 Griselda or Grizzell Oliver died in February 1761.1


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Dr. James Oliver

M, #7817, b. 19 March 1659, d. 8 April 1703
     Dr. James Oliver was born on 19 March 1659.1 He was the son of Peter Oliver and Sarah Newdigate. Dr. James Oliver graduated in 1680 from Harvard. Dr. James Oliver was living in Cambridge.1 He married Mercy Bradstreet, daughter of Dr. Samuel Bradstreet and Mercy Tyng.2 Dr. James Oliver died on 8 April 1703 at the age of 44 and is buried in Cambridge.3

Children of Dr. James Oliver and Mercy Bradstreet


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Jane Elizabeth Helen Oliver1

F, #1459, b. 13 October 1845, d. 4 February 1917
"Janie" Oliver
     Jane Elizabeth Helen Oliver was born on 13 October 1845.2 She was the daughter of Thomas Hamilton Oliver and Jane Elizabeth Jamieson.3 Jane Elizabeth Helen Oliver married Alexander W. Sewell, son of Rev. Edmund Willoughby Sewell and Susan Stewart, on 13 May 1871 in Québec the service was conducted by the Rev. H.D. Powis.1 Jane Elizabeth Helen Oliver died on 4 February 1917 in Québec at the age of 71.4 She was buried on 6 February 1917 in Mount Hermon Cemetery.4,5

Children of Jane Elizabeth Helen Oliver and Alexander W. Sewell


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John Oliver1

M, #2621, b. 1613, d. 1642
     John Oliver was born in 1613 in Bristol.2 He married Joanna Lowell, daughter of Percival Lowell and Rebecca (Unknown), in 1639 in Bristol.2 John Oliver died in 1642 in Newbury, Massachusetts.3

Child of John Oliver and Joanna Lowell


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John Oliver1

M, #11214, d. 1598
     John Oliver was the son of Thomas Oliver and Margaret (Unknown).1 John Oliver married Elizabeth Rowlan.1 John Oliver died in 1598.1

Child of John Oliver and Elizabeth Rowlan


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Joshua Oliver1

M, #2623
     Joshua Oliver married Joanna Gerrish, daughter of Col. Moses Gerrish and Jane Sewall, on 20 January 1704.1


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