Colonel Edmund Read1

     Colonel Edmund Read. Of Wickford, Essex; a colonel in the parliamentary army.1

Child of Colonel Edmund Read


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Elizabeth Read1

F, d. 24 November 1672
     Elizabeth Read was born in England.1 She was the daughter of Colonel Edmund Read.1 Elizabeth Read married Governor John Winthrop of Connecticut, son of Governor John Winthrop and Mary Forth, on 12 February 1635 in England.1,2 Elizabeth Read died on 24 November 1672 in Hartford, Connecticut.1

Children of Elizabeth Read and Governor John Winthrop of Connecticut


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Marion Gertrude Read1

F, b. 11 April 1892, d. 26 July 1987
     Marion Gertrude Read was born on 11 April 1892.1 She married Edward Æmilius Jarvis, son of William Dummer Powell Jarvis and Diana Irving, in 1929.1,2 Marion Gertrude Read died on 26 July 1987 at the age of 95.1


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Martha Read

F, d. 21 July 1873
     Martha Read married Daniel Poor Bradley, son of Joshua Bradley and Mary Poor, in 1817.1 Martha Read died on 21 July 1873 in Massachusetts.1

Child of Martha Read and Daniel Poor Bradley


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Olive Read1

     Olive Read married Samuel Greele.1

Child of Olive Read and Samuel Greele


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Sarah Read1

     Sarah Read married Philip Cook, son of Phillip Cook and Mary Lamson, on 18 March 1686 or 1698.1

Child of Sarah Read and Philip Cook


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Ann Livingston Reade1

F, b. 1783
     Ann Livingston Reade was born in 1783. She was the daughter of John Reade and Catherine Livingston.1

Child of Ann Livingston Reade


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Catharine Livingston Reade1

F, b. 1775, d. 1863
     Catharine Livingston Reade was born in 1775.2 She was the daughter of John Reade and Catherine Livingston.3 Catharine Livingston Reade married Nicholas William Stuyvesant, son of Petrus Stuyvesant and Margaret Livingston.1 Catharine Livingston Reade died in 1863.2

Children of Catharine Livingston Reade and Nicholas William Stuyvesant


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Helen Sarah Reade

F, b. 1790, d. 1879
     Helen Sarah Reade was born in 1790. She was the daughter of John Reade and Catherine Livingston. Helen Sarah Reade married James Hooker. Helen Sarah Reade died in 1879.

Child of Helen Sarah Reade and James Hooker

John Reade

M, b. 1745, d. 1808
     John Reade was born in 1745. He married Catherine Livingston, daughter of Robert Gilbert Livingston and Catherine McPhaedres. John Reade died in 1808.

Children of John Reade and Catherine Livingston


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Barbara Real1

     Barbara Real married Abner Neal.

Child of Barbara Real and Abner Neal


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Joseph Redfearn

     Joseph Redfearn married Mary Newsome.

Child of Joseph Redfearn and Mary Newsome

Dr. Joseph Redfearn Jr.1

M, b. 7 December 1849, d. 1 July 1915
     Dr. Joseph Redfearn Jr. was born on 7 December 1849 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire.2 He was the son of Joseph Redfearn and Mary Newsome. Dr. Joseph Redfearn Jr. married firstly Annie L. Sewall, daughter of Moses Bartlett Sewall and Mary Ann Perkins, on 4 October 1876 in Boston, Massachusetts.2 Dr. Joseph Redfearn Jr. married secondly Ella Rosetta Chalmers on 7 July 1898 in Arlington, Massachusetts, (or, 25 January 1898 in New Hampshire.)2 Dr. Joseph Redfearn Jr. died on 1 July 1915 in Marlborough, Massachusetts, at the age of 65.3

Child of Dr. Joseph Redfearn Jr. and Annie L. Sewall


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Marion J. Redfearn1

F, b. circa 1882
     Marion J. Redfearn was born circa 1882 in Ashland, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Dr. Joseph Redfearn Jr. and Annie L. Sewall.1 Marion J. Redfearn married Francis Bradley on 1 February 1909 in Boston, Massachusetts.1


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Belle Reece1

     Belle Reece married Fred Reed.1

Child of Belle Reece and Fred Reed


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Arthur C. Reed1

M, b. circa 1853
     Arthur C. Reed was born circa 1853. He married Clara Sewall Morse, daughter of Nathaniel Morse and Harriet Mary Ann Drummond Sewall, on 20 March 1880 in Maine.1


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Charity Reed1

     Charity Reed married Capt. James Mustard.1

Child of Charity Reed and Capt. James Mustard


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Clayton Eugene Reed1,2

M, b. 23 April 1894
     Clayton Eugene Reed was born on 23 April 1894 in Guthrie Center, Iowa.1,2 He was the son of Fred Reed and Belle Reece.1 Clayton Eugene Reed married firstly Estella Arbutus Sewell, daughter of Frederick Henry Sewell and Martha Mariah Hudson, on 26 July 1917 in Cascade County, Montana.1


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Elizabeth K. Reed

F, b. 28 October 1817, d. 15 June 1892
     Elizabeth K. Reed was born on 28 October 1817 in Boothbay, Maine. She married firstly Daniel Brown in 1835. Elizabeth K. Reed married secondly Emerson Sawyer Sewall, son of Theodore Sewall and Olive Beal, on 23 October 1856 in Boothbay, Maine.1 Elizabeth K. Reed died on 15 June 1892 at the age of 74.


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Fred Reed1

     Fred Reed married Belle Reece.1

Child of Fred Reed and Belle Reece


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Major Geoffrey Keith Fawcett Reed M.C., R.A.1

M, b. 11 September 1916, d. 26 January 1976
     Major Geoffrey Keith Fawcett Reed M.C., R.A. was born on 11 September 1916.2 He was the son of William Harley Reed and Gertrude Helen Fawcett.1,3 Major Geoffrey Keith Fawcett Reed M.C., R.A. died on 26 January 1976 in Cambridge at the age of 59.2


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Grace Reed1

     Grace Reed married Stephen Manning.1

Child of Grace Reed and Stephen Manning


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Mary Reed1

F, d. April 1799
     Mary Reed was the daughter of Samuel Reed.2 Mary Reed married Ebenezer Lowell, son of Ebenezer Lowell and Elizabeth Shailer.1 Mary Reed died in April 1799 in Boston, Massachusetts.3

Children of Mary Reed and Ebenezer Lowell


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Samuel Reed1

M, b. circa 1756, d. 10 February 1833
     Samuel Reed was born circa 1756.1 He married Mary Brown on 14 November 1828 in Woolwich, Maine.1 Samuel Reed died on 10 February 1833.1


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Samuel Reed1


Child of Samuel Reed


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Sylvia Wadsworth Reed1

     Sylvia Wadsworth Reed married Julian Wheeler Ballou.1

Child of Sylvia Wadsworth Reed and Julian Wheeler Ballou


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Thelma Whidden Reed1

F, b. 23 March 1899, d. 29 November 1986
     Thelma Whidden Reed was born on 23 March 1899 in New Orleans, Louisiana.1 She married Howard Sewall Bryant, son of Powhatan Ambrose Bryant and Sarah Stewart Sewall, on 30 November 1920 in New Orleans, Louisiana.1 Thelma Whidden Reed died on 29 November 1986 at the age of 872 is buried in Griffin Cemetery, Moss Point, Mississippi.2

Child of Thelma Whidden Reed and Howard Sewall Bryant


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William Harley Reed1

M, d. before 1948
     The marriage of William Harley Reed and Gertrude Helen Fawcett was registered in the quarter ending December 1908 in the Croydon registration district.2 William Harley Reed died before 1948.1

Child of William Harley Reed and Gertrude Helen Fawcett


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Mary E. Reeher1

     Mary E. Reeher married Joseph W. Shannon.1

Child of Mary E. Reeher and Joseph W. Shannon


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Dr. Daniel Rees M.A., Ph.D.

M, b. 16 April 1865, d. 26 February 1938
Dr. Dan Rees
     Dr. Daniel Rees M.A., Ph.D. was born on 16 April 1865 in Llanfihangel-ar-arth, Carmarthen.1,2 He was the son of John Rees and Anne Davies. Dr. Daniel Rees M.A., Ph.D. studied at the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, University College of Wales, Aberystwith, University College, London, and Manchester New College, London and Oxford. Graduated in arts at the London University in 1887: proceeded as Hibbert Scholar to Berlin, Oct. 1890: passed the examination for the M.A. degree at the London University in June 1891: and further pursued his studies at Leipzig from Oct. 1891 to Aug. 1892., where he gained his doctorate with a thesis on contemporary English ethics. Between 1896 and 1932 he was headmaster of the County Intermediate School at Cardigan. He married Elizabeth (Bessie) Mary Davies, daughter of Rev. John Davies and Mary A. Jones, on 29 December 1898 in Atcham, Shropshire.3 Dr. Daniel Rees M.A., Ph.D. appears on the census of 1 March 1901 at 3 Belmont, Cardigan. He retired in 1932 and they moved to Hastings from Cardigan and lived at at 12 High Wickham, Hastings.4 He died on 26 February 1938 in Lyons, France, at the age of 72.5,4,6

While travelling an the night express from Paris to Marseilles, Dr. Daniel Rees. of 12, High Wickham, Hastings, died suddenly from heart failure in the early hours or Saturday morning. Dr. Rees, who was 72 years of age, was on his way. with his wife, to Tunis. His death came as a shock to those of his friends who had seen him off at Hastings Station on Friday morning, when he was then apparently in the best of health.
The train was halted at Lyons and the body was taken off and arrangements were made to convey it to Hastings, where a funeral service is to be held to- day (Saturday) at All Saints' Church.
Dr. Rees was a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy, and before coming to retire at Hastings in 1933 he had been headmaster of Cardigan County School, Wales, for 32 years. During his stay in Hastings, Dr. Rees identified himself with the Twenty Club and the Egyptian Society, and was one of the managers of All Saints' School. Hastings and St Leonards Observer, March 05, 1938


Tribute to the high sense of honour and intellectual gilts of the late Dr. Daniel Rees, whose death was reported last week, comes from Mr. Herbert M. Vaughan of Tenby, a great friend of Dr. Rees and a writer of distinction.
Writing in the "Western Mail," Mr. Vaughan says:- "I was both grieved and shocked to read the notice of the death of my dear friend. Dr. Daniel Rees, late headmaster of the County School at Cardigan. He died suddenly on February 26th in his seventy-second year near Lyons, in France, while touring with his wife, Mrs. Elisabeth Rees. for whom special sympathy will be felt in her grief and loss.
It was, I think, in the summer of 1904, on the occasion of the visit of the Cambrian Archaeological Association to Cardigan, that I first made the acquaintance of Dr. Rees, then headmaster of Cardigan County School. He was of a retiring and modest nature, so that it took some time before I got to realise his high scholarship or to win his intimate friendship. But I do not know anyone for whom I have felt greater affection and respect. The sad news of his death brings back memories of pleasant days long ago in old Tivyside, when Dr. and Mrs. Rees's house, Belmont, in Cardigan became the central point of meeting for their many friends.
Dr. Rees never obtained the academic or educational awards to which he was most certainly entitled by reason of his high sense of honour and his intellectual gifts. He was too modest a man for this pushful world of to-day, which could not appreciate him at his true worth. Yet I am sure many of his old pupils, both men and women, will grieve sincerely, as I do, over his passing and will recall the deep debt they owe to Dan Rees, of Cardigan.
Yes, Dan Rees had a distinguished career in London. Paris and Leipzig; he was a ripe scholar in English, Welsh, French and German literature, yet he never became head of one of our university colleges, nor was he chosen director of education in any of our counties. But he was always happy and contented; fully satisfied with what Cardigan town and district had to bestow. It was only on his retirement from the headmaster-ship of Cardigan that Dr. Rees and his wife retired to live at Hastings."


The following appreciation comes from the Rev. E. Iliff Robson:-
" The passing of Dr. Rees, of High Wickham, deserves more than a brief mention. Though not long resident in Hastings, he was one who came here with a fine spell of work behind him, but still found work before him, whether in educational and literary spheres or in genuine philanthrophy, as evinced by his interest in, and work for, the fishermen. His was a rich and varied training - at University College, London; at Oxford, as Hibbert scholar; Berlin, Leipzig and the Sorbonne. Of his career, Mr. H.M. Vaughan writes eloquently in the Western Mail, but fragments from personal letters will better give the estimate which those who knew him had formed.
One correspondent writes: 'I have always had a deep respect and affection for Dr. Rees ever since I first knew him more than 30 years ago. I admired his unselfish nature, his sweetness of disposition, and his extreme modesty, for he was, I know, a scholar of high repute.'
Another writes: 'He was one to be proud of. Both physically and mentally he towered. Scores of young people will be feeling this week that they are the better for having come under his influence.'
Yet again: 'A rare and beautiful character. One had only to know him to become his devoted friend and admirer.'
And another: 'There was not one blot upon his escutcheon: he always played the game, and well they called him "The beloved headmaster.'"
His epitaph may well be adapted from a well-known Oxford epitaph, ' In Siciliam profectus migravit in coelum' - ' he set out for Sicily, but went instead to Paradise.'
'Hastings has lost in him a good citizen.'

Flags on the fishing boats were flown at half-mast as a mark of respect on Saturday, when the funeral service was held at All Saints' Church. The Rev. P Bickford Heard officiated, assisted by the Rev. A W. Van den Bergh and Canon Nance.
The body had been cremated at Lyons.
The chief mourners were Mrs. Rees (widow), Capt. and Mrs. Vivian Rees (son and daughter-in-law), Mrs. F. Gower
(sister). Mr. David Rees (brother), and Miss Florence E. Davis (sister-in-law). Others present in the church were Colonel and Mrs. E.P. Sewell, Mrs. Andrews, Miss Hilda Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Thornley, Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Huntrods. Mr. J.W. Huntrods. Mr. Anthony Belt and Mrs. Belt. Professor Bompas Smith, Mr. William Slade, Miss Child, Mrs. Jack Pritchard, Miss Price, Mr. E. Tapp, Miss Baumgartner, Miss Gwyther, Miss M. Grahame. Capt. A. J. Parkin, Miss Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Byard, Mrs. Plowright. Lt-Col. C.H. Young. J. P., Mr. E. Stanger, Capt. A.H. Dawson, Councillor A.O.R Hickes, Capt. T. Dannreuther (representing the Twenty Club). Mr. and Mrs. N. Scarlyn Wilson, Mrs. Bickford Heard, Dr. T.N. Kilner, Mrs Kilner, Miss Reed, Mr. W. Alexander, Dr. Charnock Smith, Miss Furniss, Miss Fletcher, Miss Atter and Miss Chick.
A number of local fishermen were also present.
Instead of flowers a number of friends sent donations, which were sent to the Hastings Fishermens Protection Society, for which Dr. Rees was a keen worker.
The funeral arrangements were ably conducted bv Messrs. J. Vine and Son. 46, High-street, Hastings.
Hastings and St Leonards Observer, March 12, 1938.

Child of Dr. Daniel Rees M.A., Ph.D. and Elizabeth (Bessie) Mary Davies


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