Nathaniel Woodsum Sewall1,2

M, b. 9 October 1922, d. 26 May 1980
     Nathaniel Woodsum Sewall was born on 9 October 1922 in Livermore Falls, Maine.1,2 He was the son of Harold Cyrus Sewall and Grace A. Stanley.1 Nathaniel Woodsum Sewall married Willie Mae Oglesby, daughter of Grover Oglesby, on 22 May 1953.3 Nathaniel Woodsum Sewall died on 26 May 1980 in Richmond County, Georgia, at the age of 57.4


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Nellie Sewall1

F, b. 1839, d. 1839
     Nellie Sewall died in 1839.1 She was born in 1839.1 She was the daughter of Rufus King Sewall and Phoebe Merrill1 and is buried in North Edgecomb Cemetery, Maine.1


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Nellie Dorcas Sewall1

F, b. 31 December 1861, d. 1958
     Nellie Dorcas Sewall was born on 31 December 1861 in Abington, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of John Milton Sewall and Lovina Ellen Marion Dunham.1 Nellie Dorcas Sewall married Charles A. Noyes, son of Rufus S. Noyes and Diantha Kingman, on 2 October 1879 in Brockton, Massachusetts.3 Nellie Dorcas Sewall died in 1958 in Massachusetts.4


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Nellie Lee Sewall1

F, b. 24 August 1857, d. 2 October 1858
     Nellie Lee Sewall was born on 24 August 1857.1 She was the daughter of Dummer Sewall and Mary Savory Cook.1 Nellie Lee Sewall died on 2 October 1858 at the age of 1. The 1860 census records a Nellie L. Sewall who died in September 1859, in Abington, Plymouth aged 1 year, of whooping cough.1,2


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Nellie Louise Sewall

F, b. 8 April 1873, d. 1 October 1959
     Nellie Louise Sewall was born on 8 April 1873 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Samuel Brown Sewall and Louisa Elizabeth Farrington.2 Nellie Louise Sewall married Edward Dana Bennett, son of George Bennett and Mary Foster, on 29 June 1898 in Woburn, Massachusetts, the service was conducted by the Rev. Henry C. Parker, pastor of the Unitarian Church, Woburn.3 Nellie Louise Sewall died on 1 October 1959 in Barnard, Windsor, Vermont, at the age of 864 and was buried on 3 October 1959 in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Burlington, Massachusetts.4

Children of Nellie Louise Sewall and Edward Dana Bennett


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Nellie M. Sewall1

F, b. May 1880
     Nellie M. Sewall was born in May 1880 in Corinna, Maine.1 She was the daughter of Albion Franklin Sewall and Nellie Louise Knowles.1 Nellie M. Sewall married George D. Chard on 27 June 1896 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.2

Child of Nellie M. Sewall and George D. Chard


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Nettie M. Sewall1

F, b. 1862, d. 1928
     Nettie M. Sewall. School teacher. She was born in 1862.2 She was the daughter of William Sylvester Sewall and Augusta P. Allen.2 Nettie M. Sewall died in 19283 and is buried in Webster Cemetery, Franklin County, Maine.3


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Nicholas Sewall

M, b. 1 June 1690, d. 25 November 1735
     Nicholas Sewall was born on 1 June 1690 in Newbury, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of John Sewall and Hannah Fessenden. In 1708 Nicholas Sewall was living in York, Maine, whence he came with (his brother) Samuel. It seems to be that in the same year he started his tannery, which was to become the principal one in the place. He built his vats next to the old church. He continued the business until his death but the vats remained in use until the early part of the nineteenth century. He married Mehitable Storer, daughter of Capt. Samuel Storer and Lydia Austin, say 1713. Nicholas Sewall died on 25 November 1735 in York, Maine, at the age of 45 "Mr. Nicholas Sewall was throwne from his Horse today while riding out and was Picked upp Unconscious and never spoke. He died in a few houres."2

Children of Nicholas Sewall and Mehitable Storer


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Nicholas Sewall1

M, b. 17 January 1737/38, d. 17 March 1806
     Nicholas Sewall was born on 17 January 1737/38.2 He was the son of Samuel Sewall and Hannah Kelly.1 Nicholas Sewall married Miriam Holt on 1 January 1763.3 Nicholas Sewall died on 17 March 1806 at the age of 68.2

Children of Nicholas Sewall and Miriam Holt


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Nicholas Sewall1

M, d. November 1813 or December 1813
     Nicholas Sewall was the son of Nicholas Lewis Sewall and Mary Darnall.1 Nicholas Sewall was living in Eltonhead Manor and Cedar Point, St. Mary's County, Maryland.2 He married Mary Fenwick, daughter of Edward Fenwick and Ann Hebb, before 1802.2 Nicholas Sewall died in November 1813 or December 1813.2 He made a will on 18 November 1813 and proved 13 December 1813, and recorded in St. Mary's County, names his wife Mary, his children Henry L. Robert, Catherine, and Maria L. Sewall; and his brother Robert Sewall. His friends Raphael Neale and Lewis Ford are appointed executors.2

Children of Nicholas Sewall and Mary Fenwick


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Nicholas Sewall1

M, d. before 11 April 1732
     Nicholas Sewall was the son of Major Nicholas Sewall and Susanna Burgess.1 Nicholas Sewall made a will on 28 October 1727. To nephew Nicholas Lewis Sewall, personal estate at age of 21; shd. sd. nephew die during his minority, personalty to be divided among the bros. and sisters of testator living at decease of sd. nephew; also in event of the death of sd. nephew without issue, the reversion of tract where testator now lives, “Mattapany Sewall,” will by law descend to testator, and is devised to Charles, second son of bro. Charles, and to his hrs. Shd. sd. nephew Charles die without issue, or during minority, sd. land and appurtenances to become right of nephew Nicholas, second son of Peregrine Frisby, gentleman. Rights to admimister on estate of bro. Henry having been signed over to testator by Elizabeth, widow of sd. bro., and Philip Lee, Esq., her now husband by deed 8th Dec., 1725, testator makes over to afsd. bro. Charles all claims to administer on estate of bro. Henry, dec'd.
Ex.: Bro. Charles.
Test: Thomas Aisquith, Thomas Tolley, George Reade, Richard Hopewell. He died before 11 April 1732 unmarried.1,2 The will was proved on 11 April 1732.


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Major Nicholas Sewall1

M, b. 1655, d. April 1737
     Major Nicholas Sewall was Roman Catholic. He was born in 1655 in England.1 He was the son of Colonel Henry Sewall and Jane Lowe.2 Major Nicholas Sewall emigrated in 1661 to Maryland as a minor with his parents. He married Susanna Burgess, daughter of Col. William Burgess and Sophia Ewen.3 On 5 February 1682 he and John Darnall were commissioned Secretaries of the province of Maryland and took the oath of office the same day (Md. Archives, xvii, 130-131). This office which carried with it a seat in the Council, Major Sewall held until 1689. In 1684 Lord Baltimore, being about to leave the Province for England, appointed his young son, Benedict Leonard, Governor of Maryland, but as the latter's extreme youth rendered the appointment purely formal, the real management of affairs was committed to a board of Deputy Governors. The commission to this board was issued in May 1684, and Major Nicholas Sewall was included in it (Md. Archives, xvii, 249). In consequence of the revolution of 1689 Major Sewall was obliged to vacate all his offices and retire to private life upon his estates in St. Mary's County.4 Major Nicholas Sewall and Susanna Burgess were living on 11 October 1705 when she joined her husband in a deed.3 Major Nicholas Sewall died in April 1737 in Mattapany, St. Mary's County, Maryland. He made a will on 16 April 1737 which was proved 9 May, 1737
To daus. Ann and Sophia and their hrs., 1,000 A. called “Lady's Gift” or “Sewalls Range,” on Choptank R., 1,000 A. of “Sewall's Manor,” Kent Co; and personality.
To daus. Jane Brooke and Claire Young, 20s each.
To son Charles, grandsons Nicholas, Charles and Henry, personalty. Exs. sons Charles and Clement empowered to sell 2,000 A. “The Cross,” Baltimore Co., 3,000 A. “Darby,” on Choptank B., Dorchester Co., for benefit of estate; residue of personalty to be divided among children, viz: Clement, Elizabeth Frisby, Susanna Douglas and Mary Carroll.
Test: Thomas Gerard, Thomas Chase, Mary Leigh. 21. 775.3

Children of Major Nicholas Sewall and Susanna Burgess


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Nicholas Hebert Sewall1

M, b. January 1847, d. 20 May 1926
     Nicholas Hebert Sewall was born in January 1847 in Iberville, Louisiana.1,2 He was the son of Robert Henry Fenwick Sewall and Marie Evelina Hébert.1 Nicholas Hebert Sewall married Catherine Bois, daughter of John Bois and Anna Leissner, on 27 June 1896 in Birmingham, Alabama.3 Nicholas Hebert Sewall died on 20 May 1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the age of 79.4


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Nicholas Lewis Sewall1,2

M, b. circa 1720, d. 1798
     Nicholas Lewis Sewall was born circa 1720.2 He was the son of Charles Sewall and Eleanor Brooke.1 Nicholas Lewis Sewall married Mary Darnall, daughter of Henry Darnall III and Ann Talbot.1 Nicholas Lewis Sewall was living in Eltonhead Manor which he had acquired from John Darnell on 25 August 1748.3,2 He died in 1798 his will being probated 18th December of that year.3

Children of Nicholas Lewis Sewall and Mary Darnall


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Nicholas Lewis Sewall

M, b. circa 1788, d. 1874
     Nicholas Lewis Sewall was born circa 1788 in Maryland.1,2 He was the son of Clement Sewall and Eleanor Carberry.3 Nicholas Lewis Sewall married Sarah West.1 Nicholas Lewis Sewall died in 1874 in Falls Church, Virginia,1 and is buried in Saint James Cemetery, Falls Church, Virginia.4

Children of Nicholas Lewis Sewall and Sarah West


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Nicholas Lewis Sewall1

M, b. circa 1721, d. 1800
     Nicholas Lewis Sewall was born circa 1721 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.1 He was the son of Henry Sewall and Elizabeth Lawson. Served on the Committee of Observation in 1776. Justice of St. Mary's County, 1777-1778. Member of the House of Delegates, 1778-1779. Took the Oath of Allegiance before the Hon. Robert Watts in St. Mary's County in 1778.
The property of N. Lewis Sewall was destroyed by the British in 1781. "Nicholas Levin Sewall" was paid for making salt in 17821 and is buried in Saint Nicholas Cemetery, St. Mary's County, Maryland.2 Nicholas Lewis Sewall died in 1800.1 Probate was granted on 4 March 1800.3

Children of Nicholas Lewis Sewall


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Nicholas Lewis Sewall SJ1

M, b. 9 December 1745, d. 14 March 1834
     Nicholas Lewis Sewall SJ. President of Stonyhurst 1808-1813 & 1816-1817. He was born on 9 December 1745 in Maryland. He was the son of Nicholas Lewis Sewall.1 Nicholas Lewis Sewall SJ died on 14 March 1834 in Worcester at the age of 88.2

He was born in Maryland, 9th December. 1745. After studying Humanities, at St Omer's College, he entered the Novitiate of the Society, at Ghent, 31st of October, 1766. The year after the suppression of the Order, viz. in July. 1774, he was sent to the Preston Mission, as assistant to the Rev. John Jenison, and there he continued for nine years. In 1783, he removed to Eccleston Hall, where he was chaplain for three years. In 1787 he was appointed to the charge of the faithful, at Scholes, near Prescott, vice F. Peter Westby, and this mission so rapidly improved under his zealous auspices, as to justify him to commence the erection of a spacious chapel, and a convenient house for the incumbent. This respectable establishment retains the name of Portico, which was originally assigned it by the late Rev. Wm. Meynell, from the circumstance of the Colonnade at the Chapel entrance. This Chapel was opened for public worship in May, 1790. F. Sewall retired from this laborious mission, to Stonyhurst College, at Michaelmas, 1808, and rendered much valuable service to that community. On the death of Rev. Charles Plowden, in the summer of 1821, F. Sewell succeeded to the office of Provincial; and his government was characterised by prudence and decision of purpose, and by a spirit of improving chapels. Resigning his office in February, 1826, he took charge of the little College, at Hodder Place, for some time; and then proceeded to Worcester, to assist his highly valued friend, the Rev. Joseph Tristram; and had the comfort of seeing the New, large, and handsome Chapel of that city, opened with solemnity, on the 16th of July, 1829.
F. Sewall was a man of regular and retired habits, much given to prayer and mortification: yet always cheerful and obliging. The progress and prosperity of our holy Religion was the object nearest and dearest to his heart; and indeed he had great cause to rejoice and exult in the Lord, especially when he witnessed the wonderful propagation of the Catholic Faith in his native land. When the united States of America were subject to the English Domination, the very exercise of the Catholic Religion was degraded, proscribed and persecuted; but no sooner had these States established their independence of the mother country, than they proclaimed universal liberty of conscience, and afforded Religion itself Fair play. F. Sewall survived to behold Baltimore erected into a Metropolitan See with eleven Suffragan Bishopricks. I have heard him say, that he remembered the time, when the Catholics had not even a private room in Baltimore, where they were suffered to assemble for prayer; and he lived to see it embellished with a noble Catholic Cathedral, and seven Catholic Parish Churches, with Bells inviting the numerous faithful to the celebration of their Religious Rites ! ! The death of F. Sewall, was like his life, most edifying to men, honourable to religion and precious in the sight of God. He calmly surrendered his soul to its Creator, on the 14th of March, 1834, in the 89th year of his age; and his remains were deposited in the Cemetery, adjoining the Worcester Chapel.
F. Sewall in 1822, had printed at Liverpool, in an Octavo Volume of 526 pages. "Select Lives of Saints from the work of the Reverend Alban Butler." It is a very judicious selection. Catholic Magazine, of April, 1834 reprinted in Collections towards illustrating the Biography of the Scotch, English, and Irish Members, S.J., Exeter, 1838.


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Noah Sewall1

M, b. 2 January 1813, d. 26 March 1813
     Noah Sewall was born on 2 January 1813 in Gilford, New Hampshire.1 He was the son of Thomas Sewall and Dorothy Bartlett.1 Noah Sewall died on 26 March 1813 in Gilford.1


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Noah Amos Sewall1

M, b. 18 May 1839, d. 5 November 1904
     Noah Amos Sewall was born on 18 May 1839 in Pennsylvania.2,3 He was the son of Clement Sewall and Sarah Myers.1 Noah Amos Sewall married firstly Mary Adeline Kuhn.4 Noah Amos Sewall married secondly Arelia Ellen Gaines in 1888.5 Noah Amos Sewall died on 5 November 1904 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, at the age of 65 though in the application by his widow for a marriage licence his death is given as 12 November 1904.2,3,6 He is buried in Unity Cemetery, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.2

Noah Amos, the youngest, who served in the One Hundredth Pennsylvania Regiment of Volunteers, known as Roundheads, in the war of the Rebellion, was wounded in 1862 in a charge on James Island, South Carolina, and again on June 2, 1864, in the battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia, being shot in the right breast, the ball following the marrow of the right arm to the elbow, necessitating an amputation of the arm at the shoulder joint. He lived until 1904, when he died of pneumonia.7

Children of Noah Amos Sewall and Mary Adeline Kuhn


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Noah Millard Sewall1

M, b. 8 December 1850, d. 7 August 1918
     Noah Millard Sewall was born on 8 December 1850 in York, Maine.1 He was the son of Capt. Joseph Sewall and Eliza Jane Trafton.1 Noah Millard Sewall married Emma E.F. Guptill, daughter of Dr. Calvin Haven Guptill and Harriet S. Clements, on 24 October 1877 in Eliot. Noah Millard Sewall died on 7 August 1918 in York Hospital, Maine, at the age of 67.2

Children of Noah Millard Sewall and Emma E.F. Guptill


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Norma Sewall1

F, b. 14 January 1927, d. 1 August 2005
     Norma Sewall was born on 14 January 1927 in Los Angeles, California.2 She was the daughter of Norman Tennant Sewall and Irene M. Roadhouse.1 Norma Sewall married Frank Albe Curry.3 Norma Sewall died on 1 August 2005 in Los Angeles County, California, at the age of 784 and is buried in Live Oak Memorial Park, Monrovia, California,

Norma Sewall Curry, passed away after a short illness; Monday, August 1, 2005 in Pasadena, California. She is mourned by three generations of Curry's; her husband, Frank; her daughter, Julie (both of Arcadia); her son, Ron, and his wife, Beth; and her adored grandsons, Spencer and Sam (all of South Glastonbury, CT). Born in Pasadena, she was raised in Temple City and lived in Arcadia from 1957. A devoted homemaker, and mother, she was equally a devoted citizen in the Arcadia community, serving in executive positions in the PTO and the American Friends Service, a foreign exchange organization. In later years she was active as a member of the Friends of Arcadia Library. It was as as hostess for the American Friends Service that she came to find her second son, Klaus Lucke, now of Bremen, Germany. Her love, her gentleness, her goodness of heart, her elegance will be missed sorely by her loving family and her many good friends of years past and pr esent. Memorial services are Saturday, August 6, 2:00 P.M. at Douglass and Zook Mortuary, 600 E. Foothill Blvd. Pasadena Star-News, August 4, 2005.3,4


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Norman Kinsley Sewall1

M, b. 19 May 1909, d. 27 September 2007
     Norman Kinsley Sewall was born on 19 May 1909 in Melrose, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Edgar Daniel Sewall and Sylvia Tobey Robinson.2 Norman Kinsley Sewall married firstly Addie Belle Couch on 30 May 1932 in Kirksville, Missouri.3 Norman Kinsley Sewall married secondly Sarah Elizabeth Taylor in 1997. Norman Kinsley Sewall died on 27 September 2007 at the age of 98.1 He was buried in Restland Memorial Park, East Hanover, New Jersey,

ELLOREE — Norman Kinsley Sewall, D.O., peacefully passed away September 27, 2007. His 98 years were filled with the joys of his family, his work as a physician and a strong devotion to the Baptist church.
Born in Melrose, MA, May 19, 1909, he was the only child of Edgar Daniel Sewall and his devoted wife, Sylvia Tobey Robinson Sewall. In 1927, he graduated from Bloomfield High School in Bloomfield, NJ. During his high school years, he became one of the youngest Eagle Scouts of his time and was awarded Silver and Gold Palms.
Norman continued his education at Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery and received his degree in 1931. He was a founding father of the West Essex General Hospital in Livingston, NJ. He was a member of the American Osteopathic Association for more than 70 years and the former president of the Eastern States Osteopathic Society of Proctology. For 41 years, he had a private medical practice in Bloomfield, NJ. He was one of those dedicated physicians who made house calls when patients were too ill to come to his office.
In 1932, he married his beloved first wife, Addie Belle Couch Sewall. She predeceased him in 1993 after 61 years of marriage. Together they had three sons, Kenneth Norman, Donald Kinsley and Edward Arthur. He spent many hours hiking and camping with his sons. One of their favorite trails was the Lemon Squeezer in Palisades State Park, NY. He also greatly enjoyed the game of golf for most of his life. In 1972, retiring from his medical practice, he and Addie Belle moved to Santee-Cooper Resort in Santee, SC.
Norman was an active member of the First Baptist Church in Bloomfield, NJ, and after retirement he joined the First Baptist Church in Eutawville, SC. Norman knew that the Good Lord smiled on him when he met and married Elizabeth “Lily” McAteer Hess Sewall at the Ladson Baptist Church, Ladson, SC. She became his best friend and devoted wife in 1997.
He showed his faith and devotion to his church in many ways. He was a Bible teacher and lay minister for more than 70 years. Study groups were led in his home, at his church, or anywhere he could meet with people to discuss the Bible. Norman felt he led a blessed life and modeled his beliefs by his actions.
Norman is survived by his wife, Lily, of Santee, SC; his son, Edgar of Port Jervis, NY; his daughters-in-law, Barbara Crandall Sewall and Barbara Garland Sewall; stepchildren, Kenneth McAteer, Harvey McAteer, Trudy Hess; seven grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his sons, Kenneth Norman and Donald Kinsley. The Island Packet, October 1, 2007.4,1

Children of Norman Kinsley Sewall and Addie Belle Couch


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Norman Tennant Sewall1

M, b. 24 September 1893, d. 19 July 1971
Norman T. Sewall
     Norman Tennant Sewall was born on 24 September 1893 in Lamanda Park, California.2,3 He was the son of Gilbert Tennant Sewall and Lucie Belle Greenleaf.2 Norman Tennant Sewall married firstly Grace Anna Woodward, daughter of Wallace Woodward and Mary Adamson, on 12 May 1914 in Los Angeles, California.1 In 1917 he was a ticket clerk on the Pacific Electric Railway Company.3 Norman Tennant Sewall and Grace Anna Woodward were divorced between 1920 and 1926. Norman Tennant Sewall married secondly Irene M. Roadhouse, daughter of Harvey Boyd Roadhouse and Ethel E. Dowswell, on 19 April 1926 in Los Angeles, California.1 Norman Tennant Sewall died on 19 July 1971 in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 77.4

Child of Norman Tennant Sewall and Irene M. Roadhouse


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Norman W. Sewall1

M, b. 5 September 1847, d. 29 July 1905
     Norman W. Sewall was born on 5 September 1847 in Royalton, Vermont.2,3,4 He was the son of Philip G. Sewall and Eunice M. Howe.5 Norman W. Sewall married Frances Jane Bennett, daughter of Job Bennett and Jane Greene, on 26 November 1872.4 Norman W. Sewall died on 29 July 1905 in Royalton, Vermont, at the age of 57.2

Norman Sewall Died Saturday of Heart Trouble.
Bethel, July 31.—In the decease of Norman Sewell on Saturday afternoon last, Royalton lost one of its most respected and valued citizens. Mr. Sewall, in apparently good health, went to the barn about five o'clock and at half past five was found prostrated. At first it was presumed death was the result of an accident, but Dr. Greene, who responded to the call, failed to find any indications of such. Death was due to heart trouble.
Mr. Sewall was a life-long farmer, and for several years was in the creamery and lumber business. Greatly esteemed by his fellow townsmen, he was elected to the office of selection for five terms, school director eight terms, which office he held at the time of his death, and in 1900 represented his town in the lower bouse of the legislature and served on the grand list committee.
He leaves a wife and daughter. The Barre Daily Times, 31 July 1905.6

Children of Norman W. Sewall and Frances Jane Bennett


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Olive Sewall1

F, b. 28 August 1787, d. 2 July 1834
     Olive Sewall was born on 28 August 1787 in York, Maine.1 She was the daughter of Daniel Sewall and Dorcas Bartlett.2 Olive Sewall was baptised on 2 September 1787 at York, Maine.3 She died on 2 July 1834 in Kennebunk, Maine, at the age of 463 and is buried in the Unitarian Churchyard Cemetery, Kennebunk.4


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Olive Sewall1

F, b. 11 August 1862, d. 25 September 1862
     Olive Sewall was born on 11 August 1862 in Island Falls, Maine.1 She was the daughter of David Alexander Sewall and Harriet Putnam Coburn.1 Olive Sewall died on 25 September 1862.1


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Olive Sewall1

F, b. circa 9 August 1817, d. 18 September 1905
     Olive Sewall was born circa 9 August 1817 in Cherryfield, Maine, (Sinnett giving a date of 6 August 1815.)1,2 She was the daughter of John Sewall and Cynthia A. Fickett.1 Olive Sewall married firstly James McGlade on 7 May 1838 in Bangor, Maine.3 Olive Sewall married secondly Samuel Spencer on 18 June 1857 in Bangor, Maine.4 Olive Sewall married Amos G. Fickett. Olive Sewall died on 18 September 1905 in Bangor, Maine.2

Child of Olive Sewall and James McGlade

Child of Olive Sewall and Samuel Spencer

Child of Olive Sewall


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Olive Blanche Sewall1

F, b. 12 July 1893, d. 31 December 1989
     Olive Blanche Sewall was born on 12 July 1893 in New Castle, Pennsylvania.1,2 She was the daughter of Milton Ellsworth Sewall and Emma Louise Anderson.1 Olive Blanche Sewall married Robert William Bowes on 12 February 1913 in Cattaraugus, New York.3 Olive Blanche Sewall died on 31 December 1989 in San Bernadino, California, at the age of 96.2

Children of Olive Blanche Sewall and Robert William Bowes


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Olive Maria Sewall1

F, b. 11 September 1836, d. 26 January 1900
     Olive Maria Sewall was born on 11 September 1836 in Chesterville, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Dummer Sewall and Sarah (or Sallie) Wilson.1 Olive Maria Sewall married William Nathaniel Speck on 13 September 1858 in Henderson County, Illinois.3,4 Olive Maria Sewall died on 26 January 1900 in Oquawka, Illinois, at the age of 63.5

Children of Olive Maria Sewall and William Nathaniel Speck


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Deacon Oliver Sewall1

M, b. 10 July 1788, d. 30 May 1861
     Deacon Oliver Sewall was born on 10 July 1788 in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine, he was "a few months over 21 on 1 Jan 1810."2,3,4,5 He was the son of Rev. Jotham Sewall and Jenny Sewall.1 Deacon Oliver Sewall married Betsey Sylvester, daughter of William Sylvester and Mary Brann, on 5 November 1813 in Norridgewock.4 Deacon Oliver Sewall appears on the census of 1850 at Chesterville as a farmer.4 He appears on the census of 1 June 1860 at Chesterville, Maine, as a farmer with real estate valued at $500 and personal at $2206 and is buried in North Chesterville Cemetery, Farmington, Franklin County, Maine.7 He died on 30 May 1861 in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine, at the age of 72.4,8

Children of Deacon Oliver Sewall and Betsey Sylvester


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