Robert John Singleton1

M, #26510, b. 4 August 1814, d. 25 April 1882
     Robert John Singleton was born on 4 August 1814.1 He was the son of Col. Robert Singleton and Harriet M. English.1 Robert John Singleton died on 25 April 1882 in Texas at the age of 67.1


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Sarah Angelica (Ann) Singleton1

F, #12076, b. between 1814 and 1816, d. 19 October 1855
     Sarah Angelica (Ann) Singleton was born between 1814 and 1816 in South Carolina.1 She married firstly David English in 1832. Tradition has it that she left David English after a gunfight that resulted in the death of her brother Joseph and two of David's brothers and she remarried after David's death. However a more probably account is to be found in Tyrone Power's Impressions of America during the years 1833, 1834, and 1835, Vol. II. pp. 221-223, where he writes "My next illustration is of a kind so little in keeping with the year 1835, that it would be a better story if dated from the debateable land, anno Dom. 1535. The hero of the fight I am about to narrate is as fine a specimen of an old Irishman as ever I met with, and I have seen him frequently: his name is Robert Single- ton, and his residence is Baldwin county, in this State. It appears that Mr. Singleton had lent to a Mr. English four or five negroes, whom at a certain time he claimed, according to agreement, and took back to his own place: hence arose a dispute as to the right of possession ; which dispute the sons of Mr. English decided upon settling in a right border fashion. Accompanied by three of their white neighbours, and three of their father's slaves, the two Englishes repaired to the plantation of Mr. Singleton. He was absent; but they surrounded the house, and, after a resistance on the part of the slaves, which cost one of them his life, the number claimed were made prisoners, and marched off for the country of their captors. Meantime, a lad who had escaped from the house on the first attack, found, and communicated the surprisal and the result to his master, Mr. Singleton, who, accompanied by his eldest son, without a moment's hesitation put spurs to horse, and took the line of country likely to cut off the retreat of the enemy. Early on the next morning, July 4th, the Singletons came upon, a bridge they knew the Englishes must cross; and, not discovering new tracks, decided to halt here: they had not waited half an hour, when the other party came in sight. A parley was called. Singleton, senior, declared himself and son resolute to maintain the bridge against all comers, unless his slaves were restored. The elder brother, W. English, begged the Singletons not to fire, as they would surrender the negroes: at the same time, the party alighted; but as Singleton turned his head to desire his son to stand fast, he received a shot in the left shoulder; and, on a second, saw his son fall dead across his feet. Clapping his gun to his shoulder, he shot David English through the brain ; a barrel was at the same moment levelled against him by Wm. English, but snapped: again he called on Singleton not to shoot; but he this time called in vain. Taking up his son's loaded piece, he shot his adversary whilst in the act of stooping to lift his dead brother's rifle. One more shot was discharged from the English party, and Singleton received a second ball in his side. The assailants then fled, leaving the resolute old planter master of the field, with his eldest son, a young man of the best habits, dead at his feet. His wounds did not prevent his collecting his negroes after the flight of his enemies; he then walked back half a mile to where he had left his horse, mounted, and rode home, although upwards of fifty years of age. Mortification was for some time apprehended; but he at last recovered perfectly, and was, when I left Mobile, in robust health. The detail of this affair, as it stands in the journal, is concluded by a regular list with the names of killed and wounded; but not one word of comment. It is now in my possession, and the account may be relied upon as authentic in every particular." Sarah Angelica (Ann) Singleton married secondly Dr. Francis Lewis Sewall, son of Lewis Sewall and Elizabeth Howard Wailes, on 6 December 1838 at Clarke County, Alabama.2 Sarah Angelica (Ann) Singleton died on 19 October 1855.1

Child of Sarah Angelica (Ann) Singleton and David English

Children of Sarah Angelica (Ann) Singleton and Dr. Francis Lewis Sewall


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Irene Mary Sipe1

F, #23417, b. 6 November 1904, d. 6 March 2006
     Irene Mary Sipe was born on 6 November 1904 in Minnesota.2 She married Earl Albert Sewall, son of Leon Benford Sewall and Gertrude Sophie Gulbranson, on 8 December 1923 in Hennepin County, Minnesota.3 Irene Mary Sipe died on 6 March 2006 in St. Louis Park, Hennepin County, Minnesota, at the age of 1012 and is buried in Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.4

Age 101, a life-long resident of St. Louis Park, died peacefully March 6, 2006. Preceded in death by husband, Earl; daughter, Mary Ann Wright; grandson; granddaughter and a great-granddaughter. Survived by daughters, Orlayne Schnepp, Betty Jones, Carol (Travis) Brown, Bonnie Jean (Wayne) Pearson; sons, Douglas (Margaret) and Jerry (Carole); 15 grandchildren; 28 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild. Irene was one of 13 children. She lived and raised her family of seven in St. Louis Park, where husband Earl was a policeman and owned a blacktop business in the early years of St. Louis Park.5

Children of Irene Mary Sipe and Earl Albert Sewall


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Michael ? Mabel Sissons1

F, #19096
     Michael ? Mabel Sissons married Garfield Cameron.1

Child of Michael ? Mabel Sissons and Garfield Cameron


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Sibylla da. or sister of Siward, Earl of Northumbria

F, #13154
     Sibylla da. or sister of Siward, Earl of Northumbria married Duncan I of Scotland, King of Scots.

Child of Sibylla da. or sister of Siward, Earl of Northumbria and Duncan I of Scotland, King of Scots

Edward Skar1

M, #21273

Child of Edward Skar


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Jeanette Skar1

F, #1475, b. 16 July 1849
     Jeanette Skar was born on 16 July 1849 in Oshawa, Ontario, (but she was aged 45 upon marriage.)2 She was the daughter of Edward Skar.3 Jeanette Skar married Edmond Bonner Temple, son of Capt. William Henry Temple and Maria May Livingston Sewell, on 20 April 1892 in Toronto.1


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Rev. Henry Ayliner Skelton1

M, #17997
     The marriage of Rev. Henry Ayliner Skelton and Margaret Jermyn Tomlinson was registered in the quarter ending March 1912 in the Edmonton, North London, registration district.1,2


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Ella Skillings1

F, #24358, b. January 1881
     Ella Skillings was born in January 1881 in Maine.2 She married Henry Augustus Sewall, son of Otis Henry Sewall and Mary Susan Keep, on 17 February 1900 in Maine.1 Ella Skillings and Henry Augustus Sewall were divorced on 14 February 1906 at Maine.1


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Abigail Skinner1

F, #21955, d. before December 1736
     Abigail Skinner was the daughter of Thomas Skinner.1 Abigail Skinner married firstly Ebenezer Ager on 1 March 1703.1 Abigail Skinner married secondly Nathaniel Coney, son of John Coney, on 6 September 1711.1 Abigail Skinner died before December 1736.1

Children of Abigail Skinner and Nathaniel Coney


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Frances Davenport Skinner1

F, #21739, b. 1828, d. 8 December 1899
     Frances Davenport Skinner was born in 1828.1 She married Frederick William Rhinelander on 5 November 1851 in New York.1 Frances Davenport Skinner died on 8 December 1899 in Washington, District of Columbia.1

Child of Frances Davenport Skinner and Frederick William Rhinelander


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Mercy Skinner1

F, #25912
     Mercy Skinner married Major John Wendell, son of Abraham Wendell and Katrina de Kay, in 1751.1


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Robert Skinner1

M, #10771
     Robert Skinner married Dorothy Wendell, daughter of Major John Wendell and Elizabeth Quincy, in 1756.1


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Thomas Skinner1

M, #21958

Child of Thomas Skinner


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William Skinner1

M, #24614
     William Skinner married Leonora Jane Sewall, daughter of Samuel Moody Sewall and Hannah H. Johnson, on 27 July 1851 in Jackson, Adams County, Wisconsin.1


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Hugh Skipwith1

M, #2208, b. 25 December 1877
     Hugh Skipwith was born on 25 December 1877 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, or Richmond, VA.1 He married Henrietta Marie Webster, daughter of Harrie Webster and Mary Simpson Hein, on 14 January 1903.1

Child of Hugh Skipwith and Henrietta Marie Webster


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Humberston Skipwith1

M, #2209, b. 11 May 1904
     Humberston Skipwith was born on 11 May 1904.1 He was the son of Hugh Skipwith and Henrietta Marie Webster.1


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Albertina Skogman1,2

F, #21752, b. December 1876
     Albertina Skogman was born in December 1876 in Sweden.2 She married Albert Hallin circa 1895.2

Child of Albertina Skogman and Albert Hallin


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Gerald Raymond Skreckoski

M, #24429, b. 5 July 1931, d. 21 August 2016
     Gerald Raymond Skreckoski was born on 5 July 1931 in Syracuse, New York.1 He married Winifred Helen Sewall, daughter of Henry E. Sewall and Winifred Byrne, on 3 July 1965 in Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Utica, New York.2 Gerald Raymond Skreckoski died on 21 August 2016 in Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota, Florida, at the age of 85.1

Gerald Skreckoski, 85, of Port Charlotte, FL passed away on August 21, 2016 at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota, Florida.
Previously, he was a much adored resident of Springwood Nursing Center in Sarasota. Gerald was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. He was a graduate of Lemoyne College and Cornell University. In 1965 he met and married his beloved wife Winnie.
Gerald was a chemical engineer employed by Allied Chemical and GAF. At Allied, Gerald created 14 US patents for various plastic formulations. Later moving on to machine engineer at IBM in Endicott, NY where he retired. Gerald was an airplane enthusiast. He acquired his pilot license in the 1960s and later became an avid model airplane builder. In retirement he was also an active tennis player and played nearly every day for many years.
He is survived by two children, son, Jerry Skreckoski and wife Laura; a daughter, Winnie Carey and husband Steve; four grandchildren Jordan Carey, Nolan Carey, Alexis Skreckoski and Roman Skreckoski; brother-in-law Michael Sewall and nieces Laura Fisher, Amy Moyer and Kim Walsh. He was preceded in death by his parents Roman and Agnes Skreckoski and his wife Winifred “Winnie” Skreckoski in February 2016.
A Memorial Mass celebrating Gerald’s life will be held at Monday 11:00 AM, October 3, 2016 at St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, 21505 Augusta Ave, Port Charlotte, FL 33952. Interment will follow afterwards for both Gerald and Winifred in the church memorial garden.


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Leafy Blossom Slack1

F, #8633, b. 5 December 1893
     Leafy Blossom Slack was born on 5 December 1893 in Hartford, Windsor County, Vermont.1,2 She married Harold Edward Marston, son of Harry N. Marston and Belle Etta Putnam, on 18 September 1910 in Lebanon County, New Hampshire.1,3

Child of Leafy Blossom Slack and Harold Edward Marston


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Elizabeth Slade1

F, #5361, d. 2 December 1670
     Elizabeth Slade married John Upham, son of Richard Upham and Maria (Unknown), on 1 November 1626. Elizabeth Slade died on 2 December 1670 in Malden, Massachusetts.1

Child of Elizabeth Slade and John Upham


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Bertha Slaiger1

F, #17113, b. circa 1856
     Bertha Slaiger was born circa 1856 in Stutgardt, Austria.1 She married Charles H. Toppan, son of Ephraim Hunt Toppan and Susan (Unknown), Bertha is listed as a servant of Charles's parents in the 1880 Census.1,2

Child of Bertha Slaiger and Charles H. Toppan


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Brant Arent Van Slechtenhorst1

M, #6281
     Brant Arent Van Slechtenhorst married Aeltje Van Wenkum in Holland.2 He emmigrated to America in 1647, together with his wife and daughter and who was commissioned director of the Rensselaerwyck, President of the Court of Justice, and immediate manager of the whole estate of the Van Rensselaer family.1

Child of Brant Arent Van Slechtenhorst and Aeltje Van Wenkum


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Margarita Van Slechtenhorst1

F, #5407, b. 1628, d. 11 January 1711
     Margarita Van Slechtenhorst was born in 1628 in Nykerck, Holland.2 She was the daughter of Brant Arent Van Slechtenhorst and Aeltje Van Wenkum.3,2 Margarita Van Slechtenhorst married Philipse Pieterse van Schuyler, son of Peter Diercks and Geertruyt Philips van Schuyler, on 22 December 1650 in Rensselaerswyck, New York.2,4 Margarita Van Slechtenhorst died on 11 January 1711 in Rensselaerswyck, New York.2,5

She came to New Netherland with her parents in 1647 and came of age in Rensselaerswyck where her father served as director of the colony.
Philip Pieterse Schuyler was an immigrant carpenter who, following the marriage, became one of the leading traders of Beverwyck/Albany. The marriage produced twelve children between 1652 and 1672. Eight of those offspring went on to establish the Schuyler family in Albany and beyond.
By the 1660s, these Schuylers were established in a new house on upper State Street. Before his death in 1683, Philip Pieterse had stretched the Schuyler family holdings by acquiring property around Albany and beyond.
A widow at age 55, by virtue of their joint will filed in 1683, Margarita Schuyler assumed control of her husband's extensive estate. From her Albany house and at the farm known as "the Flats," Margarita continued her husband's business and sat as the matriarch of early Albany's foremost family. Her children included Pieter Schuyler - first mayor of the city; Alida, the wife of Robert Livingston; and future mayor - Johannes Schuyler. Her other offspring established themselves in favored locations throughout the region.
Margarita Van Slichenhorst Schuyler lived until 1711. For much of that time, she was one of colonial Albany's most prominent residents. This active widow participated in business, landholding, and was an active member of theDutch Church. Surrounded by family and supported by a number of slaves, this able women's life was full and advantaged.
Her will, filed in 1707, identified her as a "sometime ... Albany merchant" and mentioned the real and personal estate she had acquired since the death of her husband. This seventy-nine-year-old widow had the presence of mind to circumvent English inheritance laws when she divided the Schuyler estate equally among her eight surviving children and their heirs.2

Children of Margarita Van Slechtenhorst and Philipse Pieterse van Schuyler


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Timothy Randall Sledge1

M, #24612, b. 7 December 1952, d. 13 December 1952
     Timothy Randall Sledge was born on 7 December 1952 in New Orleans, Louisiana.1,2 He died on 13 December 1952 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana.1


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Alberta J. Sloan

F, #25173
     Alberta J. Sloan married James C. Carter.

Child of Alberta J. Sloan and James C. Carter

Emily J. Sloan

F, #26379
     Emily J. Sloan married Elmer L. Winn.

Child of Emily J. Sloan and Elmer L. Winn

Ann Slye1

F, #26401
     Ann Slye married Francis Ignatius Boarman.1

Child of Ann Slye and Francis Ignatius Boarman


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Helena Van Slyke1

F, #16310, b. 1759
     Helena Van Slyke was born in 1759.1 She married Samuel Thorn, son of Thomas Thorn and Catharine Livingston.1

Child of Helena Van Slyke and Samuel Thorn


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Abigail Small1

F, #26182, b. circa 1844
     Abigail Small was born circa 1844 in Maine.1 She was the daughter of Richard Small and Abigail Ann Jose.1


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