Samuel Willett1

M, #7662, b. 27 October 1658
     Samuel Willett was born on 27 October 1658.1 He was the son of Captain Thomas Willett and Mary Brown.1 Said to have married and had a large family at Flushing, Long Island but there is much confusion with the descendants of another Thomas Willet who did settle in Flushing.1


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Sarah Willett1

F, #6747, b. 4 May 1643, d. before 1666
     Sarah Willett was born on 4 May 1643.2 She was the daughter of Captain Thomas Willett and Mary Brown.1,2 Sarah Willett married Rev. John Eliot Jr., son of Rev. John Eliot and Ann Mountford, circa 1661.1 Sarah Willett died before 1666.

Child of Sarah Willett and Rev. John Eliot Jr.


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Thomas Willett1

M, #7651, b. 1 October 1646
     Thomas Willett was born on 1 October 1646.1 He was the son of Captain Thomas Willett and Mary Brown.1


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Thomas Willett1

M, #7665, b. circa 1511, d. April 1598
     Thomas Willett was born circa 1511 in Ely ?, Cambridgshire.1 He married Elizabeth Stanton ? in 1560?2 Thomas Willett died in April 1598 in Barley, Hertfordshire.1
He began his career as a public notary and officiated as such at the consecration of Archbishop Parker. Late in life he took holy orders, becoming rector of Barley, Hertfordshire, fourteen miles from Cambridge, which living had been presented to him by his patron, Bishop Richard Cox (Bishop of Ely 1559-81). He was also admitted to the fifth prebendal stall of Ely in 1560 by his patron, with whom he had been associated as subalmoner to Edward VI. He had two sons and four daughters.1

Child of Thomas Willett and Elizabeth Stanton ?


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Thomas Willett

M, #9133, b. 15 August 1602
     Thomas Willett was baptised on 15 August 1602. He was the son of Andrew Willett and Jacobine (Jacobeda) Goad. Thomas Willett was buried on 29 February 1604.

Captain Thomas Willett1

M, #6649, b. August 1605, d. 4 August 1674
     Captain Thomas Willett. The first English mayor of New York City.2,3 He was born in August 1605 in the Rectory House, Barley, Hertfordshire, (Anderson gives a birth date of about 1610.)3,4 He was the son of Andrew Willett and Jacobine (Jacobeda) Goad.5 Captain Thomas Willett was baptised on 29 August 1605 at Barley, Hertfordshire.4 He married first Mary Brown, daughter of John Brown Sr. and Dorothy Beauchamp ?, on 6 July 1636 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.6 Captain Thomas Willett received into his family the orphaned children, Mary and Priscilla, daughters of his brother-in-law, Peter Brown, of the "Mayflower." in 1644. He married secondly Joanna Boyse, daughter of Rev. John Boyse, on 19 September 1671 at Milford.6 Captain Thomas Willett died on 4 August 1674 reputedly in Swansea, Massachusetts,7 but is buried in Little Neck Cemetery, East Providence, Rhode Island.

This Thomas Willett may not be the Thomas who was baptised in 1605 if his age at death given on the Rhode Island headstone is correct. A sibling of the same name died before he was born and it is possible that a subsequent one may also have lived for a short time in the intervening period.
"He was but sixteen years of age when his father died, and he continued to live with his widowed mother and maternal grandmother until he had attained his majority. Shortly afterward he went to Leyden and joined the second Puritan exodus to the New Plymouth plantations, and Governor Bradford mentions him as "being discreet and one in whom they could place trust." He was admitted a freeman in 1633 after he had become a successful trader with the Indians, and soon became a large ship owner trading with New Amsterdam. He was elected one of the assistant governors of the Plymouth Colony, and as a proof of his worth of character and commanding abilities, he was frequently chosen to settle disputes between the rival colonies of England and Holland. He also became captain of a military company.
Early in 1660 he left Plymouth and establishing himself in Rhode Island became the founder of Swansea. Accompanying the English commander, Nicholls, he greatly contributed to the peaceable surrender of New Amsterdam to the English, September 7, 1664, and when the colony received the name of New York, Captain Willet was appointed the first mayor, June, 1665, with the approval of English and Dutch alike. The following year he was elected alderman, and became mayor a second time in 1667. Not long afterward he withdrew to Swansea, where he spent the remainder of his life. In his religious views he was an independent. His descendants were numerous and included Colonel Marinus Willet, the friend of Washington, who himself became mayor of New York, and the "Dorothy Q." of the poem of Oliver Wendell Holmes, was the great-granddaughter of Captain Thomas Willet, and the great-grandmother of the poet."8

Children of Captain Thomas Willett and Mary Brown


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(?) William X, Duke of Aquitane1

M, #9917
     (?) William X, Duke of Aquitane married Aenor de Rochefoucauld, daughter of Aimery I de Rochefoucauld Viscount de Châtellérhault.1

Child of (?) William X, Duke of Aquitane and Aenor de Rochefoucauld


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Hugh fitz William1

M, #18573
     Hugh fitz William was the son of William Fitz Norman.1 In 1124 (25 Hen. I) Hugh the son of William Fitz Norman, gave to the Monastery of St. Peter at Gloucester the Church of St. David at Kilpeck together with the chapel of our Lady within the Castle.
The church was built in a decade starting in the 1130s; a church which Pevsner describes as "one of the most perfect Norman village churches in England."2

Child of Hugh fitz William


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Abigail Williams1

F, #1727
     Abigail Williams married Samuel May on 4 October 1753.1,2

Child of Abigail Williams and Samuel May


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Rev. Abraham Williams

M, #4772
     Rev. Abraham Williams married Anne Buckminster, daughter of Col. Joseph Buckminster Jr.1

Child of Rev. Abraham Williams and Anne Buckminster


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Annie Y. Williams

F, #24515
     Annie Y. Williams married Norman Boardman.

Child of Annie Y. Williams and Norman Boardman

Arthur Foster Williams1

M, #15644, b. 3 July 1926, d. 28 December 2013
     Arthur Foster Williams was born on 3 July 1926 in Baltimore, Maryland.1 He was the son of Lt. Col John Winslow Williams and Emma Kaiulani Sewall.2 Arthur Foster Williams married Hanne Wredera Nielsen. Arthur Foster Williams died on 28 December 2013 in Copley Woodlands, Stowe, Vermont, at the age of 87.
Arthur F. Williams
U.S. Veteran

Arthur Williams, 87, of Fayston, died Dec. 28, 2013, at Copley Woodlands in Stowe, surrounded by his family and caregiver. He was a longtime civic leader, polo enthusiast, skier, sailor, and devoted father, brother and friend.
Arthur was born on July 3, 1926, in Bath, Maine, the son of John Winslow Williams and Emma Kaiulani Sewall. His childhood years were spent at the family’s summer home in Small Point, Maine, and their primary residence in Baltimore, Maryland, where he attended Gilman School and enjoyed riding bikes and waging BB gun wars with neighborhood friends. Arthur graduated from the Clark School in Hanover in 1946 and received his bachelor’s degree in English and American History from Bowdoin College in 1951.
He joined the American Field Service during World War II, where he served as an ambulance driver for the French Army. After teaching for a few years at private schools in Connecticut and New York, Arthur and his wife Hanne moved to the Mad River Valley in 1958, and taught together in one-room schoolhouses in Moretown and Fayston.
Arthur was one of the original investors in Sugarbush Resort in Warren, Vermont. He served three two-year terms as town representative from Fayston, and then was appointed chair of historic sites and the first executive director of the State Council on the Arts. He retired from the Arts Council in 1986 and stayed on as curator of the Vermont State House to oversee the State House restoration project. He later founded the Friends of the Vermont State House to support the ongoing financial needs of the restoration project. Arthur was also the original founder of The Community Fund, which was set up to meet the needs of Mad River Valley residents. Arthur was an avid polo player for 40 years. He and a group of longtime friends founded the first professional polo league in the Mad River Valley, and he played in tournaments throughout New England and in Canada.
He always loved an adventure, whether exploring the Maine coast in a favorite boat, skiing down the slopes at Sugarbush, or playing in a polo game. Later in life, he discovered a love for painting and completed dozens of oil paintings of maritime scenes. He also loved to write, and recently completed his memoir.
Being active and enjoying the outdoors were always priorities in his life, along with a deep devotion to his family and friends. He was well-loved for his sense of humor and caring, sensitive nature. As his heath began to fail over the past year, Arthur greatly appreciated the phone calls and visits from his many friends in the Mad River Valley and the State House. He often said that his friends and family were what made life worth living.
Survivors include his sister Anne Winter; sisters-in-law Ann Williams, Birgit Deeds and her husband Andy; his children, Astrid, John and Nate; four grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. His wife of 55 years, Hanne Nielsen Williams, and his two brothers, Jack and Sewall, died earlier.3


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Benjamin Williams1

M, #5731, b. 1730, d. 1802
     Benjamin Williams was born in 1730 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Boyleston.1 On 1780 he entered military service as a private in Capt. Samuel Holden's company, Col. Ebenezers Thayer's Suffolk County regiment, to re-enforce the Continental army. Benjamin Williams died in 1802.

Child of Benjamin Williams and Elizabeth Boyleston


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Caroline Marr Williams (widow Marr)1

F, #26601, b. 9 October 1862, d. 29 June 1932
     Caroline Marr Williams (widow Marr) was born on 9 October 1862 in Liverpool, England.1,2 She married secondly Arthur Warren Sewall, son of Freeman C. Sewall and Susannah Taylor Pierce, on 27 July 1910.1 Caroline Marr Williams (widow Marr) died on 29 June 1932 in Miami, Dade County, Florida, at the age of 69.3 She was buried on 30 June 1932 in Miami Memorial Park, Miami, Florida.3


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Cornelius Coffin Williams1

M, #2650, b. 21 August 1879, d. 27 March 1957
     Cornelius Coffin Williams was born on 21 August 1879 in Tennessee.2 He was the son of Thomas Lanier Williams and Isabella Coffin.1 Cornelius Coffin Williams married Edwina Dakin.1 Cornelius Coffin Williams died on 27 March 1957 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, at the age of 77.2

Children of Cornelius Coffin Williams and Edwina Dakin


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Major Elijah Williams

M, #7349
     Major Elijah Williams married Margaret Pynchon, daughter of Colonel William Pynchon and Catharine Brewer, on 11 January 1750.

Col. Elisha Williams1

M, #13585, b. 26 August 1694, d. 24 July 1755
     Col. Elisha Williams was born on 26 August 1694 in New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut.2 He married secondly Elizabeth Scott, daughter of Rev. Thomas Scott, in 1721.1 Col. Elisha Williams died on 24 July 1755 in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut, at the age of 602 and is buried in Wethersfield Village Cemetery, Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut.3


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Elizabeth Williams1

F, #7750, b. 17 July 1742, d. 6 August 1831
     Elizabeth Williams is also recorded as Eloi Williams.2 She was born on 17 July 1742.3 She was the daughter of Capt. John Williams and Mary Pope.3 Elizabeth Williams married Dr. Jacob Quincy, son of Judge Edmund Quincy and Elizabeth Wendell, on 17 July 1760 (m. intention 12 June 1760.)1,4,3 Elizabeth Williams died on 6 August 1831 at the age of 89.3

Children of Elizabeth Williams and Dr. Jacob Quincy


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Erastus P. Williams1

M, #17904, b. 20 June 1817, d. 3 April 1858
     Erastus P. Williams was born on 20 June 1817 in Pompey, Onondaga County, New York.2 He married firstly Elizabeth Flint Rice, daughter of Thomas Rice and Charlotte Flint, on 31 July 1842 in Pompey, New York.1 Erastus P. Williams died on 3 April 1858 in Stockbridge, New York, at the age of 40.2,3


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F.M. Williams

M, #25591
     F.M. Williams married Clara Lane.

Child of F.M. Williams and Clara Lane

Gareth Williams

M, #1479, d. 2012
     Gareth Williams was the son of Rowena Pritchard. Gareth Williams died in 2012.

George W. Williams1

M, #26833, b. circa 1881
     George W. Williams was born circa 1881 in Silver Ridge Plantation, Maine.1 He married Grace Lee Lane, daughter of William E. Lane and Hattie M. Sewall, on 31 January 1903 in Corrina, Penobscot County, Maine.1


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Gertrude Williams1,2

F, #17812, b. 25 July 1895, d. 8 April 1990
     Gertrude Williams was born on 25 July 1895 in New York.1,3 She was the daughter of John Maxwell Williams.4 Gertrude Williams married Joseph Crosby Sewall, son of Elbridge Cushman Sewall and Jessie Benton Mead, on 17 February 1917 in the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton, New York.4,5 Gertrude Williams died on 8 April 1990 in New Jersey at the age of 94.3

Children of Gertrude Williams and Joseph Crosby Sewall


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Harold Sewall Williams1

M, #2189, b. 14 May 1925, d. 10 August 2005
     Harold Sewall Williams. Freelance photographer. He was born on 14 May 1925 in Baltimore, Maryland.1 He was the son of Lt. Col John Winslow Williams and Emma Kaiulani Sewall.2 Harold Sewall Williams married Ann Sparrow, daughter of Alfred Kendrick Sparrow and Marjorie Pigman, possibly in Englewood, New Jersey. Harold Sewall Williams died on 10 August 2005 in Copley Woodlands, Stowe, Vermont, at the age of 803 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine.4

STOWE - Harold Sewall Williams formerly of Fayston passed away peacefully at his home in Stowe early in the morning of Aug. 10, 2005.
He is survived by his wife Ann Sparrow; his four children, Mark F. Williams of Portland, Maine, Kaiulani W. Wharton of Brunswick, Maine, Christopher S. Williams also of Portland and Camilla W. Behn of Warren; as well as six grandchildren, a brother, Arthur F. Williams of Fayston and a sister, Anne W. Winter of West Palm Beach, Fla., and innumerable relatives and friends around the world. He is predeceased by a brother, John W. Williams.
Sewall spent his time between the mountains and the sea in Vermont and Maine where his family played a large part in the maritime history of Bath, Maine. His connection to the mountains came from his years in the elite ski troops of the Tenth Mountain Division in World War II. The Tenth remained a pivotal part of Sewall's life even after the war.
Sewall will long be remembered for his incredibly kind and generous spirit, his loyalty to family and friends and his jovial nature. He will be deeply missed by all those whose lives he touched and there were many.5


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Harriet N. Williams

F, #26645
     Harriet N. Williams married Henry Call.

Child of Harriet N. Williams and Henry Call

Helen Esther Williams1

F, #8284, b. 15 April 1854
     Helen Esther Williams was born on 15 April 1854.2 She was the daughter of John George Williams.1 Helen Esther Williams married John Bleecker Powell, son of William Dummer Powell and Clare Pigott Strange, on 15 July 1875 in Memorial Church, Guelph.3

Children of Helen Esther Williams and John Bleecker Powell


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Isabel Sevier Williams1,2

F, #26150, b. 15 June 1883, d. 11 May 1938
     Isabel Sevier Williams was born on 15 June 1883 in Tennessee.3 She was the daughter of Thomas Lanier Williams and Isabella Coffin.1 Isabel Sevier Williams married William Gannaway Brownlow on 9 March 1907 in Knox County, Tennessee.2 Isabel Sevier Williams died on 11 May 1938 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, at the age of 54.1


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Jane Williams1

F, #9284
     Jane Williams married Cotton Brown Brooks, son of Rev. Edward Brooks and Abigail Brown, on 13 December 1794 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.1,2


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Jane Williams

F, #9765
     Jane Williams was the daughter of William Wynn Williams and Dorothy Griffith.1 Jane Williams married William Coytemore, son of William Coytemore of Llanllechid and Ellen Puleston.

Child of Jane Williams and William Coytemore


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Capt. John Williams1

M, #10034, b. 13 May 1753
     Capt. John Williams was born on 13 May 1753.1 He married Anne Brown, daughter of Christopher Brown and Esther Perry.1

Child of Capt. John Williams and Anne Brown


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